CCLI. The House of God.

HEB. x. 25. “Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together,
as the manner of some is.”

THE passage speaks to us concerning the house of God; it
points out also the way to it, and exhibits some of the
characteristic features of those found walking in the way.
I. The house of God. What a Divine house the physical
universe itself would present to us could we look upon it
as a whole! But this earth of ours—this orb of wondrous
beauty—is but the first step in this house. There is a
universe within the visible universe, and without it. The
physical universe can never be a true house and home for
intelligence. The God and Father of heaven only finds
His home in the voluntary thought and affection and will
of the sons which He has created. With man’s capacity
for thought and feeling and will, there exists the possibility
of God Himself being refused a home. The universe of
His friends, of His innocent, as well as of His redeemed
and happy creatures, build the house of God. This house
has many mansions. We are invited to draw near to the
nearest—the Church on earth.
II. The way to it Remembering that this house is the
home for the thought, for the affections, for the will of God,
it is evident, that not every one by mere act of will is
carried there. None can enter there but those who have
first loved God. There is a way made for sinners into the
holy of holies, by the blood of Jesus. Within the very
bosom of the Eternal, He has opened up that which is our
refuge, even through His own wounded side, and we may
enter there and lie in sweet repose, for the house of God is
in the heart of His children, and the home of His children
is in the heart of the eternal Father.
W. P.

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