CCLIII. Desire of the Better Country.

HEB. x. 16. “They desire a better country, that is an heavenly.”

I. LOOK at the state of the soul here specified. “They
desire.” This desire is positive. It is not to be con-
founded with dislike of the evils of the present life. It is
not mere submission to the inevitable. Even true Chris-
tian resignation is not desire. It is an eager yearning to
be with Christ, and thus love Him perfectly and serve Him
constantly on high.
II. The object toward which this state of heart is direc-
ted—the better land. We do not speak of the locality but
of the betterness of heaven. This world is a goodly land
for a Christian. The best things in it are Christian ordin-
ances, Christian fellowship, and Christian work. How
much more fully are these enjoyed on high!
III. What is the influence of this desire on those who
cherish it?
1. It keeps them from regarding the things of this life
as supreme.
2. It sustains them in present afflictions.
3. It gives consolation in bereavement and joy in death.
W. M. Taylor, D.D.

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