CCLXIX. A Consecrated Thought,

1 Pet. Iii. 15. “Sanctify the Lord God in your hearts.”

THE age in which we are living is, without question,
materialistic and superficial. How shall we meet our diffi-
I. Our life must come under the power of a consecrated
thought, a thought of the living God.
II. There is a further step than simply consecrating that
thought; you must act under the power of a solemn fear.
Do not be ashamed to say, “I am afraid to do this, and
sin against my God.” That solemn fear is holy.
III. This sanctification must be under the power of a
sublime devotion. That is possible since Calvary, since the
Redeemer lived and died.
There are crises in life when such a lesson is wanted;
the crises of darkness, the crises of doubt, and the crises
of death.
W. J. Knox-Little

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