CCLXXII. The Burden of Care.

1 PET. v. 7.
“Casting all your care upon Him; for He careth for you.”

I. WHAT is care? It is not sorrow, not extreme desolation,
not sharpness of anguish. It is a weight on humanity like
a dark cloud that brings no rain, and yet covers up the
II. Whence does care come? It comes out of the great
mass of circumstances which, pile on pile, keep rolling up
upon us as life goes on, and weight us as we strive to march
for God.
III. What is the danger of care? We need to store our
force for sin, and not for care. The danger of care, that
forces be expended on that which is not the object of their
IV. What then are we to do with care? We are to cast
it upon God, which means, first, that we are to exercise the
privileges and energy of prayer; next, that we are to
meditate upon God.
V. What is the reason which leads us with confidence to
bring our care to God? It is God’s; He careth for us.
He cares for us, first, by the ministrations of the angels,
and, next, by His providence. That is the belief to which
Englishmen cling when they have lost every other. The
providence of God opens the door to heaven, and sug-
gests to us the high laws which govern our spiritual
W. J. Knox-Little

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