CCXI. Paul’s Confidence.

PHIL. i. 6. “Being confi-
dent of this very thing, that He which hath begun a good work
in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ.”

I. OF what was Paul confident? He was confident that
the work of salvation in this people would be perfected.
They were fighting a good fight, and he was confident that
they would be conquerors.
He was confident that God would perfect this work.
He knew what his own influence over them was, but he
knew that this influence was nothing except as it was the
medium and the vehicle of the influence of God.
II. Mark on what Paul’s confidence rests. It lies on
the character and the resource of the worker. It does not
rest on the Church. He does not say, Because you are
orthodox, because your church polity is all right, I am
persuaded of your perseverance. The foundation of his
confidence was the redeeming God.
It rested also on the nature and quality of the work: a
good work supremely honourable to God.
It rested also on the fact that the commencement of the
work was by God Himself. Even a wise man does nothing
at random.
It rests further on the fact that a day is fixed for
accepting the work in all its completeness. The day of
Christ without redemption would be dark indeed.
III. Mark how this confidence operated on Paul.
It did not prevent him praying for those people; it
gave fervency and gladness to his intercessions. It did
not keep Paul from exhorting the people and directing
them to the use of means; nor did it relieve him of his
own responsibility.
There are two points of application.
Let us cherish this confidence, but be devoutly careful
not to abuse it. Being personally assured, let us try to
feel a spiritual interest in one another.
Samuel Martin

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