CCXV. The Things of Christ.

PHIL. ii. 21. “For all seek their own, not the things which are Jesus Christ’s.”

THE first thought that strikes one is the alarming possi-
bility that a man’s own things may be different from the
things of Jesus Christ.
1. Let us dwell a little on those things which men usually
call their own. The text must not be referred merely to
worldly people. It has an immediate application to those
who have numbered themselves with the people of God.
2. The Master never sought His own; and as we have
assumed His name, are we not bound to aspire after His
3. It should be known that the highest life is that whose
aims and interests are identical with the spirit and purpose
of Jesus Christ.
4. Some even seek—how fruitlessly they will soon
know—to serve Christ that they may promote their own
ends thereby.
5. That those who seek their own will ultimately fail,
is obvious from two considerations—God is against them,
and they have but one world to store in.
J. P.

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