CCXXXIX. The Bounties of Nature.

1 TIM. vi. 7. “We brought nothing into this world, and it is certain
we can carry nothing out.”

I. No man has any antecedent claim on the bounties of
II. No man can be absolute proprietor of the bounties
of nature. The mightiest monarch cannot claim an atom
absolutely his own.
III. Man should consult the absolute owner in the dis-
posal of the bounties of nature.
IV. Man must eventually dissolve his connection with
the bounties of nature. This is inspiring to the Christian,
and heart-crushing to the sinner.
Our duty in relation to the bounties of Providence is
threefold: to enjoy them, to distribute them, to be thank-
ful for them. Seek the true riches, and do not remain
content with gold that will canker and perish.
J. P.

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