CLXVIII. The Manifestation of the Spirit.

1 COR. xii. 7. “But the manifestation of the Spirit is given
to every man to profit withal.”

I. IN the gift of the Divine Spirit we have the selected,
the very best gift of God the Father. There can be nothing
higher than that; God Himself going down to the root and
spring of the human being.
II. This promise of God is a promise actually fulfilled
to every believer. Unless we get fast hold of these super-
natural truths, the Gospel is nothing to us. What dignity,
what sacredness, is thus conferred on what we call religious
experience when it is good and true.
III. Let no one suppose that this manifestation of the
Spirit is going to melt all Christian people into one com-
mon model, and make one unvarying type and form of
their experience. The vessels are differently shaped, but
they are brought to the pure, clear, mountain spring.
IV. The test of this manifestation of the Spirit is the
test of utility—”To profit withal”—utility as applied to
ourselves and as applied to others.
Alexander Raleigh, D.D.

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