CLXXVIII. Mirrors of Christ.

2 COR. iii. 18. “But
we all, with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the
Lord, are changed into the same image from glory to glory, even
as by the Spirit of the Lord.”

THE idea which Paul here announces is, that they who are
much in Christ’s presence become mirrors of Him, reflecting
more and more permanently His image, until they them-
selves perfectly resemble Him. This assertion rests upon
a well known law of our nature. Our duty, then, if we
would be transformed into the image of Christ, is plain.
I. We must associate with Him; we must make Him
our most constant companion. We must not reflect Him
in an occasional intermittent way, but steadily and con-
tinually. We must live with Him.
II. We must be careful to turn fully round to Christ, so
as to give a full and fair reflection of Him. We must
not turn only half round, so as still to let other images fall
on us.
III. We must stand in His presence with open unveiled
face. We may wear a veil in the world, refusing to reflect
it, but when we return to the Lord we must uncover our
face. A covered mirror reflects nothing. Perfect beauty
may stand before it, but the napkin shows no sign, offers
no response.
It reduces itself to this. Be much in the presence of
Christ, be so honestly enamoured of Him that you will find
Him everywhere, and that your thoughts will fall back to
Him as often as the engagements of life permit.
Here is something we can do for Christ: we can reflect
Him. And by reflecting Him we shall certainly extend
the knowledge of Him. Many who do not look at Him
look at you.
Marcus Dods, D.D.

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