CLXXXVI. Ambassadors for Christ.

2 COR. v. 20.
“Now then we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God
did beseech you by us: we fray you in Christ’s stead, be ye
reconciled to God.”

I. AMBASSADORS are welcome. They are specially welcome
to people engaged in a war beyond their strength, to people
beginning to feel the victorious forces of the king, to people
labouring under the fear of total and swift destruction,
to people who know that the ambassador brings no hard
II. What is the commission of peace which God has
entrusted us to proclaim? Our commission discloses the
manner and the motive of mercy.
III. Our duty is not merely to read our commission, but
to beseech you to accept it.
IV. And what then? Are there not some of you with
whom this peace is made at this good hour? But some
will not be reconciled. Do you hesitate? Do you delay?
Do you refuse? We must have your answer now. Turn
ye, turn ye.
Charles H. Spurgeon

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