CXCIX. Without God.

EPH. ii. 12. “Without God in the world.”

I AM told to believe that there is no God; and before
doing so I wish to look on the world in the light of this
solemn denial. In giving up this idea I shall have to make
several sacrifices. Let us see what they are.
I. I have to part with the most inspiring and ennobling
books in my library.
II. I shall have to banish the earliest and tenderest
memories which have gladdened my days.
III. I shall have to give up the hope that in the long
run right will be vindicated and wrong be put to eternal
IV. I shall have to sacrifice my reason, my conscience—
in a word, myself. My whole life is built upon the holy
doctrine of God’s existence.
Are you prepared to make this sacrifice to Him?
It is possible to acknowledge God with the lips while
the heart is far from Him.
J. P.

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