CXCV. Burdens.

GAL. vi. 5. “Every man shall bear his
own burden.” GAL. vi. 2. “Bear ye one another’s burdens”
Ps. xxv. 22. “Cast thy burden on the Lord.”

THERE is a threefold cord not easily broken. There is no
contradiction, not the slightest discordance in these texts.
I. God has ordained that every one shall bear a burden.
Some burdens are inseparable; deliverance from them is
The burden of sorrow visits alike the palace and the hut
Every man must bear that burden. Our responsibilities,
our physical infirmities, the difficulties of work, we all must
bear them; no one can carry them for us.
II. There are loads we can help others to carry, and thus
learn sympathy. There is a sense in which we can bear
each other’s burdens and trials. No man is beyond the
reach of human sympathy. Often a light lift, a mere
touch, helps us over sorrow marvellously. If we get faint
with discouragement, let us take hold of Christ and He
will help us to carry our burden.
III. The third text takes us from self-help and brotherly
help up to the Divine help. God does not release us from
performance of duty, but He will sustain us in doing it.
The load will not crush us, God’s love will carry us and
our burden too.
The most overwhelming burden in God’s universe is sin.
Jesus Christ bore that burden for us.
T. L. Cuyler, D.D.

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