CXCVIII. His Workmanship.

EPH. ii. 10. “For
we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good
works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk
in them.”

THE apostle is teaching us here that we are saved by the
infinite grace of God, and not of good works, lest any
man should boast. We are His workmanship, and not our
I. Think of this Divine workmanship. It is character-
ized by truth, reality, thoroughness. How beautiful that
saying is, “All His works are done in truth”—His smallest
works as well as His greatest works. So with His spiritual
workmanship: it shall be unutterably refined.
When complete, His workmanship will be perfect in
beauty. We, beaten and tossed by the stormy waves of
circumstance, shall be so perfect as to please God Himself.
II. The purpose of the workmanship. “Created in
Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before
ordained that we should walk in them.” There are good
works here and hereafter. When we lay down our wearied
heads and die, we are not done with service. We shall
serve God in another world more perfectly than now.
1. Good works have their origin in love.
It is saying the same thing in a different form, to remark
that good works are inspired by the Holy Ghost.
2. Good works are ordained of God.
3. How shall we know what we ought to do amongst
the multiplicity of good works?
(1) We must be guided to a certain extent by our
own predispositions.
Some are disposed to self-culture; they are not inter-
ested in the varied activities of the Church. Let them go
on and cultivate their natures.
Some love to teach. Some delight in practical bene-
volence. We praise all. Christ in His first thirty years
gave Himself much to self-culture. What depth of infinite
meaning must He have found on the summit of Nazareth’s
hill baptized with the dawn !
Even in secular business you may glorify God—the work
rightly done is as holy as preaching.
(2) We must look at our abilities—what we can do.
(3) We must ask God. Say, “Lord, what wilt Thou have
me to do? “and He will put His great hand round your
slender fingers and lead you.
Thomas Jones

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