CXXII. The Last Request.

ACTS vii. 59. “Lord Jesus, receive my spirit.”

I. MAN’S supreme concern should be the wellbeing of his
1. Because his spirit is immortal.
2. Because his spirit will be for ever what death finds
3. Because his spirit has been Divinely purchased.
4. Because his spirit is capable of endless progress.
II. Man is approaching a crisis in which he will realize
the importance of his spirit. Since this is so, two duties
obviously devolve upon us.
1. To employ the best means for meeting its require-
2. To conduct the business of life with a view to its
III. Man knows of one being only to whom he can
safely entrust his spirit. “Lord Jesus, receive my spirit,”
must be the importunate entreaty for all who are con-
cerned for its eternal safety.
IV. Man alone is responsible for the eternal condition
of his soul. We make our own heaven or hell, not by the
final act of life, but by life itself.
J. P.

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