CXXIX. A Call to Repentance.

ACTS xvii. 30
“God now commandeth all men everywhere to repent.”

GOD gives us, to begin with, some simple test by which to
learn how far we have mastered the alphabet of repent-
ance, and then when we have learned the rudiments, our
Divine Master, pleased with our progress, will remove us
into a higher class, and unfold to us the deeper truths of
the great science of repentance.
I. There is our money. We take our Bible, and we
open it, and look out what is the proper proportion of our
income which ought to be laid as a kind of firstfruits at
the feet of our King. Of course we make up our mind to
do that for the future, but we do more. We look back
upon the past, and restore to the Lord that which we
should have given Him in bygone years. We may have
to disturb some of our investments, but sooner or later the
debt must be paid.
II. Our time, our duty to God, takes precedence of our
duty to our neighbour, however important the latter may
be. The kind of work varies according to the ability, and
to all the word is spoken. This beginning to work is only
the lowest step in the ladder of repentance. Has it been
III. Lastly, there are certain sins for which our con-
science condemns us, and certain duties to which each of
us is urged by the Holy Ghost which dwelleth in us. Let
the cord, whatever it be, be cut to-day that binds you to
the kingdom of Satan and separates you from life, light,
and joy, and peace in believing.
G. H. W.

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