Matins and Vespers.


Pray in the Morning hour —
Grace, like the light and dew,
Is richest on the spirit shed,
When thoughts are fresh and new.
The rising sun lights up the heavens
Before he shines below;
So first on God, and then on earth,
Your Morning thoughts bestow.


Pray in the Evening hour —
Grace, like the golden light,
That opens when the sun is set,
Will smile upon the night.
The light still lingers on the sky,
When all is dark below;
So last on God, and not on earth,
Your Evening thoughts bestow.

As soon as you awake in the morning,
strive, as earnestly as you can, to keep all
worldly thoughts out of your mind, till you
have presented the first fruits of the day to

Let the evening find you again in commu-
nion with God.

Be regular and faithful in your morning
and evening devotions. Let no idleness, no
business, no company, keep you from begin-
ning and ending the day with devout medi-
tation and prayer.

Spread God's love