Declaration on Human Sexual Morality

Declaration on Human Sexual Morality

by Glen on 2001-03-23 00:13:38

Dear Christian leader,

Over 1,600 pastors, professors and other Christian leaders have now

signatories to the “Declaration on Human Sexual Morality” (found at published by Mastering Life Ministries (also

below). Included in this number are some of the most respected Christian

leaders in the world today.

I invite you to add your name to the list of leaders. Encouraging words that have been sent to us by some of the top leaders in

Christian world . . . . . .

Dr. J. I. Packer writes . . . . .

?I herewith sign your excellent declaration on sexual healing and

May God give it maximum influence in this crazy age. Blessings.?

Dr. John R.W. Stott writes . . . . .

?I am glad and grateful that you have been willing to stand up and be
counted, and I am happy to stand with you. So I am signing the

I send you my greetings and best wishes in your campaign.?

Dr. Bill Bright writes . . . . .

?Congratulations on your commitment to help reverse the gross
misrepresentation of the homosexual movement. Please use my signature

keep me posted. Warm affection in Christ.?

“Declaration” author, Rev. David Kyle Foster, says –

“When we reach the 10,000 mark, we hope to publish this document in major

newspapers around the world. Our hope is that through this effort,

leaders will call the people of this world back to the moral values
instituted by God from the creation of the world.

The sexual revolution has been a massive failure, at every level. People

need a strong, clear voice to help them align themselves once again to

divine intention for human sexuality. The voice needs to be

well-reasoned and inspiring. It needs the favor and anointing of God as
well. Pray for us in this effort – that God will change hearts and


The entire Body of Christ has gotten involved in this effort. Breaking

down by denomination and country, the results looks like this:

Among the more notable signatories are:

From the Evangelical world:

Dr. Winston Frost, Dean of Trinity International University Law School,
Dr. David Mainse of 100 Huntley Street,
Dr. Bill Bright, President of Campus Crusade for Christ International,
Dr. Stephen Olford, world-renown preacher,
Rev. David Bryant, President of Concerts of Prayer International,
Leanne Payne, President of Pastoral Care Ministries,
Dr. Ted Baehr, President, Christian Film and Television Commission,
Camarillo, CA,

The Rev. Dr. Jim Garlow, Skyline Church, San Diego, CA,
Dr. Rick Warren, pastor Saddleback Community Church & author of The

Driven Church

Dr. Don Finto, Belmont Church, Nashville, TN,
Dr. Harry Schaumburg, author of False Intimacy,
The Rev. Dr. Ronald W. Scates, Highland Park Presbyterian Church,

Bob Davies, Executive Director of Exodus International North America,
Michael McManus, President of Marriage Savers,
The Rev. Dr. James N. McGuire, Ward Evangelical Presbyterian Church,
Novi, MI,

The Rev. Dr. Whaley S. Barton Jr., Saint Andrews Presbyterian Church,
Pasadena, CA,

Rev. Charles E. McGowan, Christ Presbyterian Church, Nashville, TN,
The Rev. Dr. Lawrence C. Roff, Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church, Ft.
Lauderdale, FL,

Rev. Harry L. Reeder III, Briarwood Presbyterian Church, Birmingham, AL,
Dr. Richard Marks of First Baptist Church, Jacksonville, FL,
Dennis Rainey and Bob Lepine of Family Life Today,
Dr. Robert Ricker, President of the Baptist General Conference,
Dr. R. Dennis Cole of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary,
Dr. William W. Menzies, Chancellor, Asia Pacific Theological Seminary,
Springfield, MO,

President-elect, Doug Trouten, Evangelical Press Association, St. Paul,

Robert Knight of the Family Research Council, Washington, DC

From the Anglican Communion:

Dr. John R.W. Stott, Anglican theologian,
Dr. J.I. Packer, Anglican scholar,
Dr. Christopher Seitz of St. Andrew’s University, Scotland,
Archbishop R. H. Goodhew, Anglican Church Diocese of Sydney, Sydney, NSW,


Bishop Wallace Benn, Bishop of Lewes, Diocese of Chichester, Eastbourne,

Bishop Peter R. Brain, Anglican Diocese of Armidale, Armidale, NSW,

Bishop Derek Eaton, Diocese of Nelson, Nelson, New Zealand,
Bishop Benjamin Kwashi of the Anglican Diocese of Jos, Nigeria,
Rev. Canon Benoni Mutana of the Anglican Church of Uganda,
Bishop Anthony H. Nichols of the Diocese of North West Australia,

WA, Australia,

Bishop John Howe of the Episcopal Diocese of Central Florida,
Bishop Stephen Jecko of the Episcopal Diocese of Florida,
Bishop Robert William Duncan, Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh,
Pittsburgh, PA,

Bishop Jon M. Lindenauer, Christian Episcopal Church/NA, Federal Way, WA,
Bishop William C. Wantland, retired 4th Bishop of Eau Claire, 5th Bishop

Navajoland, Seminole, OK,

Bishop Christopher Williams of the Diocese of the Arctic, Anglican Church

Canada, Yellowknife, N.W.T., Canada,
Bishop John H. Rodgers, Anglican Mission in America, Diocese of Rwanda,
Dr. Sudduth Cummings, Doctor of Ministry Director for Trinity Episcopal
School for Ministry,

Fr. Samuel L. Edwards, Executive Director, Forward in Faith – North

Ft. Worth, Tx,

Rev. Dr. Brian Kelly of Canterbury Christ Church University College in
Canterbury, England,

Denomination-wise, we have:

175 = NonDenom – No denominational affiliation
105 = PCA – Presbyterian Church in America
93 = SBC – Southern Baptist Convention
92 = ICCEC – International Communion of the Charismatic



77 = ECUSA – Episcopal Church USA
66 = PCUSA – Presbyterian Church U.S.A.
64 = UMC – United Methodist Church
60 = ANG – Anglican
38 = AG – Assemblies of God

33 = ABA – American Baptist Association
16 = EFCA – Evangelical Free Church of America
15 = CCCC – Congregational Christian Churches In Canada
15 = CON – Church of the Nazarene

13 = COC – Church of Christ
13 = ICC – Independent Christian Churches
12 = CMA – Christian and Missionary Alliance
12 = CBA – Conservative Baptist Assoc. of America
12 = RC – Roman Catholic Church
11 = UCC – United Church of Christ
10 = ICFG – International Church of the Foursquare Gospel
9 = DOC – Disciples of Christ

6 = COGC – Church of God Cleveland, Tennessee
6 = UBC – United Brethren in Christ
5 = ELCA – Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
5 = LCMS – Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod
5 = MC – Mennonite Church

4 = COGIC – Church of God in Christ
4 = EPC – Evangelical Presbyterian Church
4 = NABC – North American Baptist Conference
4 = RCA – Reformed Church in America
4 = VCF – Vineyard Christian Fellowship
4 = WC – Wesleyan Church

3 = GRB – General Assoc. of Regular Baptist Churches
2 = ABC/USA – American Baptist Church USA
2 = ACC – Anglican Church of Canada
2 = AEC – Anglican Evangelical Church
2 = BGC – Baptist General Conference
2 = COG – Church of God

2 = COGA – Church of God Anderson, Indiana
2 = COGOP – Church of God of Prophecy
2 = CRC – Christian Reformed Church
2 = FMC – Free Methodist Church
2 = SA – Salvation Army

1 = AEC – Anglican Evangelical Church
1 = CB – Christian Brethren (Plymouth Brethren)
1 = CEEC – Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches
1 = EFF – Episcopal Foward in Faith
1 = FWB – Free Will Baptists
1 = MCA – Missionary Church of America
1 = OCR – Orthodox Christian Reformed
1 = PHC – Pentecostal Holiness Church International
30 = Not Given – no denomination given
155 = Other

349 = Ministry Leaders

Country-wise, we have:

USA = 1,277
Canada = 94
India = 75
England = 26
Australia = 7
South Africa = 4
Germany = 3
Spain = 3
Vietnam = 3
N. Ireland = 2
Togo = 2
The Netherlands = 2
Philippines = 2
Scotland = 2
Singapore = 2
France = 2
New Zealand = 1
Namibia = 1
Nigeria = 1
Switzerland = 1
Uganda = 1

Burundi = 1

Japan = 1

Lithuania = 1

Romania = 1

Macedonia = 1

Argentina = 1

Dominican Republic = 1

Nepal = 1

Taiwan = 1

People can see the entire list at our website:

and can sign-up there or copy back to us the form at the end of the

filled out.

About The Religious Declaration on
Human Sexual Morality

Touchstone Journal reports that on January 18, 2000, the nation?s primary

sex-education organization – SIECUS (Sexuality Information and Education
Council of the United States) – released the Religious Declaration on

Morality, Justice and Healing, signed by 850 religious leaders, calling

same-sex unions, ordination of homosexuals, and abortion rights.

Their document is being used to give the appearance to legislators and
denominational leaders that these positions are held by large numbers in

religious community. Since it will continue to be used to persuade

boards, judges, legislators and religious leaders to compromise the
traditional position on these issues, it must be countered. Our nations
leaders need to know where the vast majority of religious leaders truly

Mastering Life Ministries is setting out to obtain the signatures of at

one hundred times the number obtained by SIECUS. Please xerox our

on morality and ask your ordained clergy, Christian counselor or ministry

leader to sign it and send it to our office. Time is of the essence in

matter. The Vermont legislature has already legalized same-sex civil

efforts have been in the works for some time to officially deem

therapy for homosexuals to be malpractice and it will only be a matter of

time before you and I go to jail for standing up for biblical morality.


is to the time to make your voice heard.

Please feel free to print out and distribute the full text of the

or to quote from it in your news story. You may refer people to our

address or to our office address: Mastering Life Ministries, P.O. Box
351149, Jacksonville, Fl. 32235.

We have a statement sign-up at our website (, so

can send leaders there to sign up (or copy this one to them via email for

them to fill out and send to us).

Religious Declaration on Human Sexual Morality

Human sexual (genital) behavior is intended by God to be expressed solely

within the confines of heterosexual, monogamous marriage. Since God is

sexual activity can only be considered a true act of love when carried

within these parameters, clearly established by God in His Holy Word (the


Sexual intercourse is to be the same giving act that it represents –
which is

Jesus Christ?s union with His Bride, the Church. It is two becoming one
flesh – physically, spiritually and emotionally – the ultimate end of the

separating of Eve from Adam?’s side.

It is a procreative and pleasure-giving act that may bear the fruit of
children. It is a cause for the continuation of the human race and a

agent for the love shared between husband and wife. When done out of
love by

two spiritually healthy human beings, it will enhance the well-being and
solidify the growing oneness of man and wife.

God purposed in creation that human sexual interaction be a reflection of

that ultimate marriage to which He has called us – that between God and
man /

between Christ and the Church.

Just as God remains faithful, undivided and undeflected from His

to man, so this central act in marriage must remain equally faithful,
undivided and undeflected – exemplifying the love, the trust and the
commitment of a spouse to his/her marital partner.

Fidelity to God?s blueprint for human sexual behavior is integral to

human spirituality.

The proscriptions on human sexual behavior established by God in His Holy

Word (the Bible) are positive and life-giving. They are designed to

both maximum glory to God and to be protective measures for those who

otherwise try to find life and fulfillment in alternative sexual

which can only bring death and destruction. As such, they are an

of God?s perfect love and desire to protect those He has created..

Any deflection from these intended purposes of the Creator God is

against the wisdom and goodness of God and sets one at enmity with Him

that person has repented of their actions and come into agreement once

with God?s design. The idea that man has the right to chose his own

of sexual expression flies in the face of everything taught in sacred

For those who find themselves caught in an aberrant sexual lifestyle, God

offers the atoning death of His Son, Jesus Christ, which brings

cleansing, healing and transforming power. Jesus did not come to condemn

mankind, but to save any and all who would come to Him for cleansing.

We are Speaking Out

  • We are speaking out against the attempts by those in secular and
    religious communities who seek to overturn and redefine the clear
    of the Bible, to make it appear as though sexual behavior outside of the
    bounds described above is somehow normal and blessed by God. There has
    a clear and unbroken Judeo-Christian, scriptural witness on these matters
    over thirty-five hundred years.

  • We are speaking out against the impression being given by a
    of religious and media figures that their version of sexual morality is
    consistent with the biblical witness and/or accepted by the Church.

  • We are speaking out against the unchecked confusion and division
    in the Church by such apostles of immorality.

  • We are speaking out against the death and destruction that such
    teachings have brought to our culture and the confusion that it has sown
    our children.

  • We are speaking out against any sex education program that would
    such ideas to our young people.

  • We are speaking out against the impression given by some that
    who support biblical definitions of morality hate those who refuse to
    or live by them.

    We Stand in Opposition

  • We oppose any and all efforts to normalize or sanctify homosexual
    behavior, to advocate or bless homosexual marriages or to ordain those
    engage in homosexual behavior.

  • We oppose any attempt to stigmatize or reject persons who are
    to Christ for forgiveness, healing and transformation who have been
    struggling with their sexual orientation.

  • We oppose any suggestion that they are lesser or more sinful human

    beings than anyone else. They are welcome in the Church.

  • We oppose any and all attempts to normalize or sanctify
    immorality, including the use of pornography or prostitutes, adulterous
    other non-marital sexual relationships or any other behavior outside of
    healthy, heterosexual, marital monogamy.

  • We oppose the taking of a human life in its mother?s womb or any
    other form of abortion.

    We Call Out

  • We call for people to return to the God of the Bible, through His
    Jesus Christ.

  • We call for people to return to God?s design for human behavior
    (sexual and otherwise) as found in the Holy Bible.

  • We call for people to seek and receive from God Almighty the
    forgiveness, the cleansing, the deliverance and the healing that they
    need as
    a result of their unnatural sexual behavior.

  • We call for people to seek and receive from God the desire and the

    power to walk in His ways.

  • We call for those in government to honor the institution off
    as it has been held for thousands of years.

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