To be used after returning to your pew, (or,
if time does not allow, after you have re-
turned home.)

Ps. xxiii.

Unto Thee lift I up mine eyes, O Thou
that dwellest in the heavens. Our eyes wait
upon the Lord our God, until that He have
mercy upon us. Have mercy upon us,
Lord, have mercy upon us!

Give us Thy grace, heavenly Father,
that henceforth we live not in sin, knowing
that this day we are more especially ac-
counted Thy children.

May we glorify Thee daily, Lord, by a
godly life.

Grant that Thy Holy Spirit may hence-
forth rule and direct our hearts; subdue in
us all pride and covetousness, hatred and
malice, envy and lust, and all uncleanness,
and whatever shall offend Thee!

Fortify our souls, Lord, against all these
temptations — the temptations of the world,
the flesh, and the devil, for Jesus Christ’s

Grant, Lord, that Satan may never find
us off our guard, or from under Thy protec-
tion; but in all our trials give us grace to
overcome, to Thy glory.

Grant, God, that as we have been rege-
nerated, and made Thy children by adoption
and grace, we may daily be renewed by Thy
Holy Spirit, for Jesus Christ’s sake.

Grant that the end of all our actions and
designs may be the glory of Thy name.

Enable us to resist all the sinful motions
of the flesh, by the ever-present power of
Thy Holy Spirit in us.

Grant that we may hunger and thirst after

Grant, O God, that we may never know-
ingly live one moment under Thy displea-
sure, or in any known sin.

The Lord deliver us from every evil work,
and preserve us to His heavenly kingdom:
to whom be glory forever and ever.

Let Thy love, O God, which has this day
been shed abroad in our hearts, by the
power of the Holy Ghost, appear in our lives
and actions, for Jesus Christ’s sake.

Mercifully grant us, O God, such a mea-
sure of Thy grace, that, running in the way
of Thy commandments, we may obtain Thy
gracious promises, and be made partakers
of Thy heavenly kingdom; through Jesus
Christ our Lord.

O God, our Defender, hear my prayer, and
let Thy Holy Spirit uphold my goings in
Thy paths, that my footsteps slip not.

Then shall I go from strength to strength,
until I appear before Thee in Zion.

Be Thou, Lord Jesus,

Within me, to strengthen me;
Without me, to guard me;
Over me, to shelter me;
Beneath me, to establish me;
Before me, to guide me;
After me, to forward me;
Round me, to secure me;
from this time forth, even for evermore.

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