Read St. Matt, xxvii.; St. Mark xvi.; St. Luke xxiv.;
St. John XX.; 1 Cor. xv.

The Lord is risen indeed;
Christ is raised from the dead, and dieth no
Behold! He is alive for evermore;
And hath the keys of Hell and of Death.

REMEMBERING Thy Resurrection, Lord
Jesus, I worship Thee, who art holy, who
alone art without sin. I fall down before
Thee, who wast crucified; I praise and glo-
rify Thee, who art risen from the dead.
For Thou art my God, and besides Thee I
know no other; and of Thy name alone will
I make mention.

Thou art risen indeed. Hallelujah.

ALL ye who believe, fall down before
Him who is risen! Through Thy glorious
Resurrection, O Lord Jesus, great joy has
come to all Thy people. Wherefore I bless
Thee, O Lord; I celebrate Thy blessed Res-
urrection. For Thou hast abolished death,
and brought life and immortality to light.
Thou art risen indeed. Hallelujah.

Although Thou wast laid in the grave,
O Thou Eternal, yet didst Thou spoil the
power of hell. Thou didst rise victorious,
O Christ my God, bringing resurrection to
all that, living, believe in Thee, and to all
that, dying, sleep in Thee.

Thou art risen indeed. Hallelujah.

Almighty God, the Father of our Lord
Jesus Christ, who as on this day didst raise
up Thy Son from the dead, by the power of
the Holy Ghost; quicken me from the death
of sin unto the life of righteousness; and in-
crease in me the spirit of adoption.

Lord Jesus Christ, the Resurrection and
the Life, who as on this day didst take again
Thy body from the grave, and as the Sun of
righteousness, didst arise with healing in
Thy wings; shine into my heart in the
glory of Thy Spirit, and give to me, by the
same Spirit, the knowledge of the Father
and of the Son.

Holy Ghost, the Spirit of the Father and
the Son, who quickenest the dead, and by
whom we are all baptized into the body of
Christ; vouchsafe unto me the increase of
spiritual life and health; and shed abroad
in my heart the love of God, that I may re-
joice in the hope of His glory. Amen.

Grant, O Lord, that like as Christ our
Lord was raised from the dead by Thy glory,
so we also, who are buried with Him by
baptism unto death, may be continually
raised from the death of sin, and walk in
newness of life; through the same our Lord
Jesus Christ. Amen.

Almighty God, who from the tomb of our
Lord Jesus Christ, hath caused the light of
Eternal Life to shine upon the world; grant,
I beseech Thee, that in celebrating this holy
season, my heart may be so inflamed with
heavenly desires, and that Thy love may be
so shed abroad therein by the Holy Ghost,
that I may continually seek the things which
are above, where Christ sitteth at Thy right
hand; and that, abiding in purity of heart
and mind, I may at length attain unto Thine
everlasting kingdom, there to dwell in the
glorious light of Thy presence, world with-
out end; through the same Jesus Christ our
Lord. Amen.

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