St. John xiv. 15-31; xvi. 1-15; Acts ii.

Almighty and most glorious Lord God,
who as on this day didst send down Thy
Spirit upon Thine apostles in cloven tongues
as of fire; vouchsafe unto me the light of
His inspiration, and inflame in me the fire
of His love.

Lord Jesus Christ, who baptizest with the
Holy Ghost and with fire; make me par-
taker of His holy anointing, and seal me
unto everlasting salvation.

Holy Ghost, the Spirit of the Father and
of the Son, sanctify my whole Spirit, and
soul, and body; vouchsafe unto me the dis-
tributions of Thy heavenly gifts; come
down upon me in Thy glory; and take up
Thy habitation in my heart henceforth and
for ever. Amen.


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