Email Group NewsReader Setup

Some people really like reading messages from Email Groups using the "Newsreader" mode of their PC or mobile device, because they don't get bothered by lots of daily messages, web pages too big for a handheld, or digests which Outlook handles very poorly, in their Inbox. To make it work with any group you are a member of, follow the instructions below!

First, you must be registered at's front web page. You can do this by going there now to register, or by sending any email message to Once you get your initial logon information by email, you need to visit's front page and log in once, to set your final password. Once you have that information, you can proceed with these next steps.


For Android Devices…

Perform the steps highlighted in yellow. Note that the Login Name and Password are those you set in MimerDesk.

Install a newsreader like PhoNewsandroid-nntp1.png Set each choice in yellow android-nntp2.png

Set the Server Address android-nntp3.png Enter the name to show in posts android-nntp4.png

Search for groups to subscribe to android-nntp5.png Select messages to readandroid-nntp6.png



For Microsoft Outlook…

In MS Outlook, pick Tools -> Accounts…
then create a new news entry for and enter your MimerDesk Account name and password in the Properties as shown in the second dialog below.

This will cause Outlook to "log in" to the news server at so you can read all the email archives for groups you are subscribed to.



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