Shed for many! Not for me alone. As
Thou dost love me. Lord Jesus, so Thou dost
love all Thy saints; and with me Thou
dost invite others to Thy table. It is Thy
will that we should all be one with each
other as we are one with Thee.

This is the communion of Thy whole body,
the Church. As the members are in commu-
nion with the head through the body, so I
must be in communion with Thee by and
with all the members that are in Thy body.
For we being many are one bread, and one
body: for we are all partakers of that one
bread. Thou hast raised us up together,
and made us sit together in heavenly places,
in Christ Jesus.

Thou, Lord Jesus, art our common life.
We are children of one Father, we eat at
one table, we form one family. This is the
message and commandment that we heard
from the beginning, that we should love one
another as Thou hast loved us.

I hear also the words of Thy beloved dis-
ciple, who leaned on Thy bosom at the first
supper: Behold, let us love one another: for
love is of God; and every one that loveth is
born of God, and knoweth God. He that
loveth not, knoweth not God; for God is
love. He that dwelleth in love, dwelleth in
God, and God in him. He that loveth not
his brother, whom he hath seen; how can he
love God, whom he hath not seen.

As I am by nature without love to Thee,
so I am by nature without love to my neigh-
bor. Lord Jesus, I would dwell in Thy love,
that I may dwell in love with my brethren.
When Thou, Sun of Righteousness, dost
shine on me, then shall my heart bloom in
love, and emit its fragrance toward all around

Therefore I rejoice, loving Lord, that
Thou dost not send me away from Thee, that
I may learn to love elsewhere; but dost call
me to Thee, that I may learn it of Thee. I
sorrow over my hateful and hating heart.
O give me the grace of love! Let me learn
it from Thy love to me and to all. Let me
behold it in Thy cross, in Thy death; and
let it come over me and into me in the com-
munion of Thy body and blood. Where
love is absent there can be no feast. As
Thy feast, blessed Lord, shows forth love,
so it begets love. So near Thee, we must be
near one another. With the emblems of Thy
dying love before us, we must love those
around us. How can I hate those for whom
Christ died!

Have any offended against me, much more
have I offended against Thee. Should not I
forgive, who have been so freely forgiven.
my soul, wilt thou hate one for whom Jesus
died? Is my enemy weak? I will pity him.
Has he an evil heart? I will lead him with
me to the cross; and together we will hear
the words of dying Love: Father forgive
them; they know not what they do.

Lord Jesus, was ever insult and injury
like that! They mocked Thee, crowned Thee
with thorns, spit upon Thee, struck Thee,
scourged Thee, put nails through Thy hands
and feet, a spear into Thy side, gall to Thy
lips, and shamefully crucified Thee! and yet
Thou didst pray to the Father for their par-
don. The Sun hid his face and could not
look upon them, darkness sought to cover
the shameful deed, the earth trembled under
the awful insult, yet Thy face beamed with
love, and Thy heart of mercy was not averted
from them!

O blessed lesson of love! When shall I
learn it? — where shall I learn it? I will
learn it at Thine altar. I will learn it from
Thy broken body, and from Thy shed blood.
Thou, who hast taught us in word and in
deed to love one another, wilt not withhold
from us the power of fulfilling Thy will.
Speak to us those words of power: Peace
I leave with you, my peace I give unto

Thou, Prince of Peace and Love, who
didst reveal the power of love by coming into
the world to teach all men love, by dying for
Thine enemies; and who hast instituted this
blessed feast of love; make, we beseech Thee,
these communion days the great days of
Atonement to us, when all past disagree-
ments shall be buried, all offences forgiven,
all hearts baptized into one spirit of love by
the holy drops of one blood, and purified by
one offering: even the offering of Thyself,
Lord Jesus Christ, who, with the Father, in
unity of the Spirit, livest and reignest ever
one God, world without end. Amen.

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