Five Signs of a False Teacher

Worship/Study Group

Five Signs of a False Teacher:
(from 3 John 1:9-10)


  1. The teacher (or Pastor, etc.) places themselves in a position of supreme authority – they love to be in the lime-light.
  2. They reject the wise counsel of others, and refuse to be corrected.
  3. They are responsible for attacking others with malicious words, in public (wicked, attacking gossip).
  4. They refuse to accept the brethren and will not fellowship with other saints of God,
  5. They are controlling and demanding, not allowing others to have fellowship outside their authority.


Five Signs of a Good Teacher:

  1. The teacher doesn't love the lime-light, but instead, exalts others.
  2. He receives correction
  3. He doesn't attack others publicly
  4. He has fellowship with other (non-"click") Christians.
  5. He's gentle


Homework Assignment

Now's the time for you-all to get back at us "authoritarian" taskmasters with some
honest-to-goodness feedback ! Review the above-mentioned qualities of false teachers,
then consider what you've gotten out of this group (be specific in your suggestions) and
whether you have been taught "falsely" so far . . . what would you change in the
upcoming weeks ? Have some comments written down for next week, when they will
be collected. This is your only assignment.