O MOST blessed and eternal Jesus, the
great Physician of souls, the Sun of Right-
eousness arising with healing in Thy wings,
who disposest all things great and little to
the glory of God, and the comfort of them
that love and serve Him; be pleased to bless
the ministry of Thy servant in order to mine
ease and health; excite his skill, direct his
judgment, prosper the medicines, and dis-
pose the changes of my sickness fortunately,
that I may feel the blessing and loving-kind-
ness of the Lord in the ease or prevention
of pain, and the restitution of health; and
being restored to the society of the living,
and to Thy solemn assemblies, I may praise
Thee and Thy goodness secretly among the
faithful, and in the congregation of the re-
deemed ones, here in the outer courts of the
Lord, and hereafter in Thine eternal temple
in heaven. Amen.

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