by glen | June 23, 2019 1:00 am

O Thou, who accepteth the intercessions
which Thy servants offer for each other; re-
member, I entreat Thee, for good all the
members of Thy holy Church throughout all
the world, and especially of that congrega-
tion to which I now belong; grant that we
maybe joined together in the bond of a holy
faith as one body, and bring forth abund-
antly the fruit of good works. May we know
and experience the blessedness of commu-
nion with each other in the rites of a holy
worship, and in mutual acts of charity and
kindness. Give us grace that we may perse-
vere in the ways of godliness, and bring us
all at last to the possession of those unspeak-
able joys which Thou hast prepared for them
that love Thee: that with apostles, martyrs,
confessors, and all saints who have gone be-
fore us in the race of faith, we may enjoy the
full blessedness of communion with Thee and
with each other in Thy eternal and glorious
kingdom: through Jesus Christ our Lord.

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