Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth,
while the evil days come not, nor the years draw nigh,
when thou shalt say, I have no pleasure in them. — Eccl.
xii. 1.

Affectionate words! My heart is humbled
within me that such words must be addressed
to me. Can I forget Thee, my Creator, Pre-
server, and Redeemer? The angels are glad
in Thy presence. The saints above rejoice
before Thee without ceasing. All the hosts
of heaven, and all the redeemed on earth,
call to mind Thy love, in songs of everlast-
ing gratitude. How can I forget Thee,
Lord, from whom cometh down every good
and perfect gift!

Yet how prone is my heart to forget Thee!
The moment I cease watching, like a deceit-
ful bow, it turneth aside. O, how easily
does the creature draw my heart from the
Creator, who is God over all, blessed forever!
How often do the things of earth shut out
the bright glories of Heaven!

In the days of my youth! Yes, these are
the days of danger to my heart. Hope is
strong and active. Rainbow glories seem to
lie on every object; and even dark clouds
that threaten are not seen, when the bright
bow of promise attracts the eye only on itself.
Earthly joys, like bright, sparkling, morning
dew, seem to garland every scene of fresh-
ness in the cheerful, hopeful fields of youth
which lie around. O teach me, dear Father,
that all these fair promises and bright hopes
of youth, like youth itself, will pass away
like the morning cloud and the early dew!

O make these ardent youthful hopes centre
in Thee! Cause these tendrils of feeling to
cling to Thee. So direct and sanctify my
youthful seekings after joy, that they may
find that true and lasting bliss which is only
found in Thee.

I know, Lord, that the evil days will
come, and the years will draw nigh when I
shall say, I have no pleasure in them. Those
evil days, when the burden of life shall press
sorely, when the grave shall open before me,
when eternity shall be at hand, will indeed
be evil, if I have not remembered Thee, and
anchored my hopes in Thy mercy. Then
will the harvest be past, and the summer

Lord Jesus, who art the same yesterday,
and to-day, and forever, incline my heart to
Thee. All the day may my soul follow hard
after Thee; and may I remember Thee also
upon my bed, and meditate on Thy love in
the night-watches, while my prayer shall be
continually to the God of my life.

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