by glen | October 21, 2019 1:00 am

Eternal and infinitely glorious God, the
great Creator, gracious Preserver, and wise
Governor of the world, I, Thy sinful and un-
worthy servant, fall before Thee at this time,
to present my prayers and supplications at
the throne of Thy heavenly grace.

Let Thy goodness and forbearance,
O Lord, lead me to repentance; and though I
have rendered myself unworthy of the least
of Thy mercies, yet, for the sake of Thy be-
loved Son, our Saviour, in whom Thou art
well pleased, spare me, good Lord, spare
me, and be not angry with me forever.
Wash away all my sins in that fountain
which Thou hast opened for sin and un-
cleanness, and restore me to Thy favor and

O Lord, enlighten my understanding, that
I may know Thee; sanctify my affections,
that I may love Thee; and put Thy fear
into my heart, that I may dread to offend
Thee. Convince me thoroughly, Lord, of
the great evil of sin, that I may hate it, and
endeavor in all things to obey Thy blessed
will, and to walk before Thee in holiness
and righteousness all my days.

Make me always mindful that Thou art
everywhere present, and knowest my most
secret thoughts and ways; that so I may
console myself with Thy gracious nearness,
and at the same time fear to offend Thee,
and ever seek to bring every thought and
desire to the obedience of Thy blessed will.

Impress me, O Lord, with a lively and
abiding sense of the frailty of my life, the
certainty of a judgment to come, the un-
speakable glories of heaven, and the most
dreadful torments of hell; that I may be
moved in good earnest to lay hold of salva-
tion, and never be so foolish as to prefer the
pleasures of sin, which are but for a season,
to that everlasting fulness of joy, which is in
Thy presence for evermore.

Establish, O Lord, and greatly enlarge,
the borders of Thy Church; O, let the wick-
edness of the wicked come to an end, and do
Thou establish and increase the just.

I humbly commend myself and all my
affairs this night to Thy blessing and pro-
tection. Give me, O Lord, the comfortable
refreshment of a quiet and undisturbed
sleep. Defend me from all evil, and from
all fear and dread; and let Thy goodness and
mercy follow me all the days of my life, for
the sake of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen,

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