God’s Laws Make Sense

God is in the business of saving life (your life) and His commands protect you from things that will hurt and eventually kill you if you choose to ignore them.

Commandment #1 – No other gods

God must be first in your life.  When you give God real glory and praise – when you place Him first, it will come from a heart full of gratitude and love.  God wants you to be truly happy and when you are praising Him it is doing you the most good, and you actually become happier – and that makes God happier.  God wants to be first in your life because He wants the best for you.

Commandment #2 – No images to represent God

You should not make an image that tries to represent God and then worship it as if you are worshiping Him.  Images like these only confuse you and keep you from seeing how great our God really is.

Commandment #3 – No disrespect

By using God’s name carelessly you do yourself great harm. When you choose to verbalize your low regard for Him it degrades you as well – He made you!

Commandment #4 – Remember the Sabbath

God gave you a specific day on which He wants you to spend time away from all of your cares and to remember that He created you. When you disregard this special day it is you that you hurt the most.

Commandment #5 – Honor your parents

Bringing honor on your parents brings a great blessing on yourself as well.  Being the person God wants you to be is a great way to honor your parents.

Commandment #6 – No murder

Killing another human not only hurts them but ends up hurting you as well.  You should care about them as much as you care about yourself.

Commandment #7 – No sex outside of marriage

Being sexually untrustworthy brings great harm to you.  You can see this in the disease it brings on you and the way it degrades you mentally, and you can easily see how it also harms those around you.

Commandment #8 – No stealing

Taking something that does not belong to you will make you miserable and it hurts the other person as well.

Commandment #9 – No lying

Telling untrue things about another person not only hurts them, but hurts you too.  (When was the last time you felt good about yourself when you knew you were telling a lie about someone else?)

Commandment #10 – Be content

If you even only WANT to take something that belongs to someone else, it actually hurts you.

Based on, and summarized from The 10 Commandments

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