In that tremendous day, Lord Jesus,
when the heavens and the earth shall be
shaken, and when Thou shalt come to judge
the world, deliver us from eternal death.

In that day of wrath, calamity, and misery:

In that day, great and bitter:

In that day of terror, dread, and sadness:

Have pity, O Lord, on those who confess
Thy passion, and trust in Thy mediation.

In that day let not Thy grace fail us.
Let not the light of our lamps be put out.
Let not Thy justice be against us; but cover
us with the garments of Thy mercy when
we shall appear before Thee to be judged.

Pity us, O Christ; and remember that
Thou, who art our Judge, art also our Sa-
viour: Thou, who hast redeemed us by Thy
bitter passion, receive us for the sake of
Thine everlasting love. Amen.

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