KMart Leading Retailer Of Po

KMart Leading Retailer Of Po

K Mart And Pornography


Kmart is one of the leading retailers of pornography in America. During the past few years thousands of Americans have asked Kmart to get out of the pornography business.

Before he was executed, convicted serial sex murderer Ted Bundy told Dr. James Dobson: “Those of us who have been so much influenced by violence in the media, particularly pornographic violence, are not some kind of inherent monsters. We are your sons and we are your husbands. And we grew up in regular families. And pornography can reach out and snatch a kid out of any house today.”

Sam, a little nine-year-old fourth grader, was walking home from school in Norman, OK, when he was abducted and carried to a remote field. There he had an eye gouged out and his genitals mutilated. Following the attack, police asked merchants in Norman to pull the November/ December 1990 issue of Hustler magazine from their shelves. The porn publication had a five-page section headlined “How-To-Murder Manuals.” The article told how to gouge out an eye and how to mutilate the genitals. The attack imitated the article.

On August 6, 1990, the Dallas Morning News had an article which told of a brutal molestation of two little girls, ages seven and ten. Their stepfather had sexually used them in horribly inconceivable ways. According to the official who investigated the abuse, “the seven-year old was forced to look at pornographic magazines depicting a woman performing sex acts on herself with tools, then act them out herself.” A doctor later had to surgically remove part of a tool which had broken off in the little girl.

A 1984 study released by the University of New Hampshire revealed that states with the highest readership of pornographic magazines such as Playboy and Hustler also had the highest rape rates.

According to columnist Jack Anderson, the Michigan State Police found that pornography is used or imitated in 41% of the sex crimes they investigate.

From July 1980 through February 1984, the police/ social work team of the Louisville-Jefferson County, Kentucky Exploited & Missing Children Unit prosecuted hundreds of adults for various crimes involving sexual exploitation of children. According to John B. Rabun, Jr., Program Manager at the time, over 40 major cases involved the successful prosecution of adults, each involved with more than 12 children. (In one case, investigators estimated 320 victims of one adult.) At the time of arrest and/or service of search warrants, all of these adult predators were found with various forms of adult Pornography and in most cases child pornography.

Edna Buchanan, a staff writer for the Miami Herald, wrote an article concerning the Pillow Case Rapist, a person who committed a number of rapes in her area. Scientists at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia, at the request of Metro police, studied the rapes and prepared a five page psychological profile of the rapist. Among the characteristics which the scientists listed for the rapist was this one: “He collected Playboy, then Penthouse magazines…and dreamed of rape. Then he slipped over the threshold of fantasy into the reality of sexual assault.”

“Pornography was not the only negative influence in my life but its effect on me was devastating,” said Arthur Gary Bishop. “I would do anything or take any risk to fulfill my deviant desires. ” Bishop said that if pornography had not been available to him in his early stages, “…it is most probable that my sexual activities would not have escalated to the degree they did…I am a homosexual pedophile convicted of murder and pornography was a determining factor in my downfall.” Bishop was executed by the state of Utah for the murder of several young boys.

Since 1986, more than 35,000 stores have discontinued selling pornography. Yet, because of the tremendous profits from pornography, Kmart refuses to get out of the pornography business. Kmart does not sell the pornography in their Kmart stores, but in their Waldenbooks stores.

It is a known fact that child molesters use Kmart-type Pornography to break down the inhibitions of children. Kmart has known this fact for some time.

Write or call Kmart and let them know you are joining the boycott. The address: Chrm. Joseph Antonini, Kmart Corporation, 3100 West Big Beaver Road, Troy, MI 48084. (The toll-free customer service number is 1-800-63 Kmart.) Kmart owns Waldenbooks, Pay Less Drug Stores, Office Square, Bargain Harold’s, Builders Square home supply stores, Sports Authority and PACE Membership Warehouse stores.

You are urged to let your local Kmart manager know, in a polite way, that you are joining the boycott and encouraging others to do the same. You will probably be told that Kmart has nothing to do with Waldenbooks. However, Kmart owns Waldenbooks and has the authority to tell Waldenbooks to get out of the pornography business at any time.

This text file was electronically scanned into a computer file from a recent AFA PASS ALONG SHEET by a concerned citizen in East Tennessee.

Authority to reproduce and disseminate is granted.