Learn from King David

Q: How did David get to be King? (1 Samuel 15)
A: The position was opened up when the previous king, Saul, 
	a). disobeyed God
		1. treated sacrifice/worship like a bribe to stop God from punishing him
	b). set up a monument for himself, and wanted honor for himself
	c). failed to take responsibility for his actions
		1. didn't admit he had done wrong
		2. blamed others for his actions
		3. didn't reverse course and take action to do right and follow God
	d). lost the Spirit of God due to the above
Q: Other than being a shepherd, what was David known for before he became "famous"?
A: 	- had beautiful eyes, and was handsome
	- skilful in playing the lyre
	- a man of valor
	- a man of war
	- prudent in speech
	- a man of good presence
	- the Lord was with him
Q: What changed the direction of David's life?
A: God joined his Spirit with David's life

Q: What was the relationship between David and God like, as David became "famous"?
A:	- In 1 Samuel 17:28 David basically said "We are God's army - nobody should disrespect what belongs to God"
		- this statement was shocking to the people because they had fogotten who they were
		- takeaway:  Respect God's decisions and the people he assigns
	- David viewed himself as a servant of God, and one of his roles was to enrich the glory and honor of his master
		- He trusted "the Lord will deliver me"
		- takeaway:  Love and serve God - don't worry about what may happen
	- When God spoke, David obeyed (1 Samuel 22:5)
	- When God's people were attacked, David wanted to protect and rescue them - and did with God's approval
		- takeaway: David is acting like a shepherd of God's people - not a ruler
Q: Where did things begin to go wrong for David?
A: 	- There's a change in David's behavior immediately after Samuel's death (1 Samuel 25). 
	  David now acts to take revenge on someone who didn't give him the respect he felt he deserved.  Why couldn't
	  he leave his ego out of the matter, and let God respond to the offense?  David's actions were not like a 
	  shepherd of God's people.  
		- At this same time, David began to collect wives.  Not just one, which a humble shepherd might have.
	- But even earlier, there's a shift in David.  At 1 Samuel 17:45, David says "You come against me with sword and 
	  spear and javelin, but I come against you in the name of the LORD Almighty", but by 1 Samuel 21, David is 
	  saying "have you not here a spear or a sword at hand? For I have brought neither my sword nor my weapons with me".
	  Just a few verses later, David pretends to be insane and is fearing for his life.
		- The brave youth that so trusted God seems to be missing.  David was around 21 years old at this time.
Q: What can we learn from David?
A:	- David is called "a man after God's own heart".  God was deeply touched by David's concern that God had no house
	  (2 Samuel 7).  So let's combine this with what led to David's fame...
		1. Busy myself with the welfare of God, being a part of his plans and his story.  A good servant loves his master.
		2. Respect God's decisions and the people he assigns to different roles.  Do not act against them.
		3. Don't put the value of my life above God.  A fearful man demeans the witness of the power of God.
		4. Obey God.  Ask him what he wants, and wait for the answer.
		5. Don't lord over the people.  God is the master - I am a servant - no servant is greater than his master.  Live humbly.

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