LVII. More Room.

LUKE xiv. 22. “It is done as thou
hast commanded, and yet there is room.”

I. WE have here a desirable announcement: “It is done
as Thou hast commanded.”
It is done; not, I have done. There is a becoming
modesty here.
Have we gone out after sinners? Have we gone into
the streets and the lanes of the city and compelled them
to come in?
II. We have a remarkable statement: “Yet there is
We may infer this from the doctrine of election. A
great and vast number is chosen by God, and they are not
yet gathered in.
The efficacy of the atonement leads to the same con-
clusion. With a mysterious spiritual consciousness, with
an eager sympathetic anxiety, the Church feels and knows
that there is room.
III. There is implied in the text a most blessed consum-
mation that the room shall be filled. The glory of Christ
lies not only in the sacrifice, but in the sense that that
sacrifice suffices.
Charles H. Spurgeon