LXV. Receiving Christ Joyfully.

LUKE xix. 6. “And
he made haste, and came down, and received him joyfully.”

I. WHY do not all men thus receive Jesus Christ joy-
1. The chief reason lies in the depravity of man’s nature.
2. Many men reject Christ out of sheer ignorance.
3. Others are actuated by positive aversion to the
4. Others are worldly and eaten up with too many
5. Others are taken up with the world’s frivolities.
II. Why do some men receive Him joyfully? The
answer is, because grace has made them to differ.
We receive Christ joyfully because He comes into our
hearts with such gracious offices.
Because He comes in such a blessed spirit.
III. How do those show their joy who have thus re-
ceived the Master?
1. Some show unwonted enthusiasm when they receive
2. The better way of showing our joy is by turning His
enemies out.
3. Another proof is receiving His people.
4. Another proof is loving His cross.
5. Another proof is wishing that other people may receive
Him joyfully too.
Charles H. Spurgeon

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