LXXXIX. The Faithful Witness.

JOHN viii. 18
“I am one that bear witness of myself.”

I. OUR Lord affirms that He Himself is a witness to His
own mission.
1. He meant this to apply to the manifest Deity that
shone through all His actions.
2. Christ is a witness of Himself in the extraordinary
purity of His character.
3. Our Lord’s teaching in doctrine and precept bears
witness to His being sent of God.
4. He bears witness to Himself in that wherever He
comes He brings peace.
II. What then?
1. It is here, ye seeking ones, that Christ will redeem
2. It will be in the future what He says it will be.
There is a heaven of everlasting joy. And, alas! it is all
true on the other side of the testimony.
Charles H. Spurgeon

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