LXXXV. Apostacy.

JOHN vi. 67. “Will ye also go away.”

I. WHY do people go away? Because the Gospel is
offensive to human nature and revolting to the pride of
the creature.
Some leave Christ being terrified by persecution.
Some forsake true religion out of sheer levity.
Multitudes are tempted aside by evil companions.
Many leave Christ for the sake of sensual enjoyments.
Many leave Him on account of change of circumstances.
Some turn aside from Christ and His people out of sheer
Unsound doctrines cause many to apostatise.
II. Those that go aside, what becomes of them? If
they are God’s children they cannot be happy. They
begin to remember their first husband. They return, but
they are never the same again.
III. Why should not we go away, as they have gone?
If we are left to ourselves, I cannot give you any reason.
If we would be preserved from falling we must be schooled
in humility and kept very low before the Lord.
Charles H. Spurgeon

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