Mark of the Beast

Mark of the Beast


There has been much speculation of the centuries as to the nature of the Mark of the Beast. What is it? When will it appear? How will it work? And so no, and so on. I feel that the Mark of the Beast is nigh upon us, and we shall shortly see it come to pass.

Until now, the technology for the implementation of the Mark did not exist. Now, however, not only does the technology exist, but, we see it in use every day. In fact, I am certain that plans are already being laid to put the mark to use against the human race. I’m not sure when this will transpire, perhaps someone with more insight than I would be able to shed light upon that question. I am certain, however, what the Mark of the Beast WILL be. The Mark of the Beast is the ubiquitous bar-code.

The simple bar-code that we see everywhere shall be the infamous Mark of the Beast that the Bible warns us about. Look around at all the products upon which the bar-code now resides. It is on virtually everything from a loaf of bread, to a can of motor oil. The bar-code is constantly being added to more and more consumer products. At first glance, the reason for this is quite simple: it enables the retailer to speed up inventory control, product information and ordering. The bar-code is scanned and a plenitude of information is transferred to the data base of the retailers computer. Everything from where the product was manufactured, when it was manufactured, cost, size, type of product, and much,much more can be included on the innocent looking stripes of the bar-code. At present, this is all well and good for the purposes of the retailer, or wholesaler. However, just around the corner looms the sinister purpose that the bar-code will serve.

The Bible states quite clearly that no person will be able to buy, or sell without they have the Mark of the Beast. It is to be affixed to the forehead, or the back of the hand. A move is already underway, and it has been for quite some time, to turn America into a cashless society. Today the ATM card, and electronic withdrawals from checking accounts ( as well as electronic deposits ) is commonplace. When the Antichrist assumes control of the world, the bar-code will be his mark. It will be an easy process to stamp a barcode containing all important information about a person on the forehead, or hand. Most likely, the stamp will be placed on the hand. The bar-code will contain information such as name, date of birth, identification number, place of employment, residence, banking information, political inclination, and anything else the Antichrist deems appropriate. The mark will be affixed upon a person in such a fashion to be visible, or scannable easily. It will also be the badge of death for those who have it. In fact, in Europe, it is reported that cash registers are now being produced which have a slot in the side that is large enough for a human hand. Within this slot is a bar-code scanning device. I feel it is just around the corner, perhaps before the turn of the century, that we will see this mark being placed upon people. The way the idea will be sold to the masses is quite simple. A massive publicity campaign will be launched extolling the benefits of the bar-code……security, you won’t have to worry about someone stealing your ATM card, or wallet; simplicity, just place your hand in the register , and your transaction is complete; reliability, no more fussing with trying to balance your checkbook, computers will do everything in an instant. Even more likely, the government of the Antichrist will insist that everyone submit to bar-coding, or face imprisonment, or death. We will be told that the bar-code won’t affect our live adversely, in fact, it will make life simpler for all. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Be aware, when you see this happening, and you will, know that it is indeed the Mark of the Beast, and, if you submit to it, you will be doomed to destruction. And, make no mistake, you will not be able to buy, or sell, without the bar-code. You will have to choose. Dwell upon this and choose wisely when the time comes…….and, the time is coming soon!

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