Marriage Checklist

Many divorces could be precluded  if we were  only more  diligent  in maintaining intimate communication.  A lack  of  this  honest  sharing before marriage predisposes the couple to serious consequences.   It  is  so important that you understand  each others values,  beliefs,  commitments, goals and expectations before  marriage.  If  communication on  this intimate level begins before the honeymoon, it's more likely  to continue  after the daily responsibilities of marriage set in.

To encourage intimate communications  for those  approaching marriage or for those who have been married  for many years,  I have prepared a selection of 26 discussion questions for  you as a  couple  to  review and share  with each other.  We spend thousands of  dollars and many  hours preparing  for our careers but devote little time to preparing  for a  life time commitment in marriage. The time you spend discussing  these questions together as a couple could be the most important time  you  will  ever spend.


Each person should read the  question  and then share  your response to it.

1.  Money is?


2.  If we have extra money  available  after paying all necessary obligations, I would  like  to  see  it  used  for?


3.  Tithing  is?


4.  I believe that we  need  $______________ annually in order to live at what I consider to be an  adequate standard  of living.


5.  In my opinion, the perfect family consists of __________ children.


6.  Spanking as a  form of discipline  is?


7.  Should  the mother  be  at home  with pre-school children?


8.  One  of my goals  in life is to?


9.  As a couple,  I believe  that we should have joint/individual goals?


10.  As a Christian,  I  have  one goal,  which is?


11.  I believe church is?


12.  A Christian is?


13.  Involvement in church is?


14.  The Bible is?


15.  Devotions/quiet times are?


16.  In setting my priorities for  life,  the  following  represents  the  order of their importance to me.  (church,  self, God, career,  family)


17.  Ten years from now I would  like  to  be?


18.  Twenty years from now I would  like  to be?


19.  I believe that sexual relations  in  marriage  are?


20.  I believe that sexual relations  outside  of marriage  are?


21.  Communications on sexual matters are  seldom  discussed in marriage. Since this is an important  part  of  marriage,  I  promise to ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ when concerns are felt.


22.  Traditions are important to family  stability.   One tradition I would like us to develop as a couple/family is?


23.  One tradition that I'll always remember from my childhood is?


24.  If I ever have a concern or a problem with  someone in your  family,  I will ____________________________________________________________________________________________________  .


25.  A  fathers role in the family  is?


26.  A mothers role in the family  is?



 Prepared  by Randy Carlson