Message for a runaway boy…

Ain’t no man. A cockroach.
Scurrying in the dark.
No one sees.
Who you are.
No one remembers.

Got no plan.
Respect no man.
Under the radar.
In the shadows.
Cast by giants.

Been sold short.
Been deceived.
Still the slave.
Of those with no dream.
Boss of what?

Free of laws.
Freedom of choice.
Use that voice.
Defy authority.
Future destroyed.

A plan for good.
A dream of life.
Love others.
Love God.
What could be.

Struggle to learn.
Don’t give up.
Do honest work.
Earn trust.
A great reward.

Walk in the light.
Shine like a star.
Stand for what’s right.
In humility.
The greatest serve others.

  • from Dad

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