Lord, heavenly Father, who by the rest
of the Sabbath, and by the peaceful slum-
bers of the night, hast refreshed me in body
and in soul; I bring Thee most hearty
thanks for Thy great goodness, and grate-
fully acknowledge Thee as the source of all
my mercies.

I would now enter upon this new day,
and upon the duties of this week, in Thy
fear, and with a childlike dependence on

As Thou hast ordained that we should
eat bread in the sweat of our face, and work
with our hands the things which are good,
prosper, I beseech Thee, the work of my
hands; and sanctify the fruit of all my
labors and cares, to my good, to the good of
others, and to Thy glory.

Help me to carry the spirit of the holy
Sabbath into all the business of the week;
and whilst I am engaged in honest and use-
ful toil, may my heart still live and rest in

Save me from the spirit of worldliness.
Suffer me not to seek my portion in this
life; and having food and raiment, make
me therewith content.

To Thy care, O Lord, I now commend my-
self in soul and body, for this day. Let Thy
fatherly protection be over me. Keep my
heart from sin, my eyes from tears, and my
soul from death; and enable me to walk
before Thee in cheerful obedience to the end
of life.

Hear, O Lord, my prayer; and grant me
all things I need, for this world and for
that which is to come; since I ask in the
name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

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