Having been baptized, I am a Christian.
Is this so, blessed Saviour? May I call my-
self a Christian? I feel and know myself to
be a sinner, in thought, word, and deed.
How then am I a Christian?

It shall be told thee “why thou art called
a Christian.” Take the words into thine
own mouth, and utter them from the heart
with thine own lips.

“Because I am a member of Christ by
faith, and thus am partaker of His anoint-
ing, that so I may confess His name, and
present myself a living sacrifice of thankful-
ness to Him; and also, that with a free and
good conscience I may fight against sin and
Satan in this life; and afterwards reign with
Him eternally over all creatures.” (Heid. Catch. Ques.32)

Blessed be Thy grace, Lord Jesus! In
my baptism Thou hast granted me the re-
mission of sins, given me the gift of the
Holy Ghost, and made me a member of Thy
body, and callest me a Christian! Help me
to accept, and claim, and live worthily of
this great grace.

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