One Man’s “Requirements List” for His Perfect Wife

My Wife:

  1. God is very much alive for her
  2. She should love God more than me
  3. She has self-discipline
  4. Spends time in prayer and study of/in God
  5. Takes time to think things our before rushing into a commitment – asks me for advice
  6. She's a creative thinker and doer
  7. Knows when to be serious but also loves to be funny
  8. Has a lot of patience with herself and others
  9. She's pleasant to look at
  10. A good listener with good remarks
  11. She doesn't have to know how to cook, but can learn
  12. She retains what I say to her
  13. Loves to help me do things I am involved in
  14. Not afraid to get dirty, yet not a slob
  15. She always has time for me
  16. A pretty hard worker
  17. A good dresser and smeller

I'm happy to say that God provided this kind of woman for this man!