Holy, blessed, and glorious Trinity,
three Persons and one God, to whom I was
dedicated in Holy Baptism, and to whom I am
now about to devote myself in confirmation: I
desire to renew the solemn vows made in my
name at my Baptism, and publicly to ratify
and confirm all that my parents then under-
took for me.

Possess my heart with such a lively sense
of Thy great mercy, in bringing me from the
power of Satan unto God: in giving me an
early right to Thy covenant, and an early
knowledge of my duty; that with full con-
sent of my will, I may devote myself to
Thee: so that I may receive the fullness of
Thy grace, and be able to withstand the
temptations of the world, the flesh, and the

Thy love, my God, is too wonderful for
me; I cannot comprehend it; but my soul
stands in awe and adores! Before I could
come to Thee, Thou didst incline my parents
to bring me to Thee; before I could vow,
they vowed for me; before I could dedicate
myself to Thee, they dedicated me to Thee:
and Thou, my faithful and covenant God,
didst hear their vow in my behalf, and re-
ceive me as one adopted into Thy family.
Earlier than I can remember, greater than
I can comprehend, more than I can count,
have been Thy tender mercies toward me;
yet how poor are the returns of love which I
have made! How shall I rightly confess
before Thee, Lord, what I am not able
fully to remember: the follies and vanities
of my youth; neglect and abuse of the
grace vouchsafed to me in Thy Holy Bap-
tism; disobedience to the instructions of
my parents and pastor; and the grieving of
Thy Holy Spirit, whom, in my Baptism,
Thou didst mercifully give me as my secret
guide. I can only say with the returning
penitent, I will arise and go to my Father,
and will say unto Him, Father, I have
sinned against heaven, and before Thee,
and am no more worthy to be called Thy

Receive my confession, Thou my only
hope of salvation, Jesus Christ, my Lord and
God. For I am lost, and altogether over-
whelmed with evil in thought, word, and
deed. Thou who justifiest the ungodly, and
quickeneth the dead, Lord my God, justify
me and revive me. Save me, Lord, King
of eternal glory, who canst save. Grant me
to will and to do, and to accomplish what is
pleasing to Thee, and profitable to myself;
give me aid in distress, consolation in perse-
cution, and strength in all temptation; vouch-
safe me pardon for past evils, amendment of
present evils, and be pleased to send me pro-
tection against evils to come. Thine it is to
give the sinner a stricken heart and a foun-
tain of tears. It is mine, if Thou shalt
vouchsafe it, to weep for my sins; it is Thine
to efface them speedily, as a cloud. I be-
seech Thee, Lord, to forget my sins, and
to remember Thy mercies. Christ, spare
me, pity me, not according to my deserts,
but according to Thy mercy. Do not despise
me, a sinner. Do not cast me away, but
receive me according to Thy word, that I
may live, and not be disappointed of my
hope. Give me a fountain of tears, Foun-
tain of life. My hope of salvation is in no
works of mine; but my soul hangs simply
on the boundlessness of Thy love, and con-
fides in the multitude of Thy mercy. Hear
me, Thou my hope and salvation!

O merciful Father, let not the many and
grievous sins which I have committed deprive
me of those assistances of Thy Holy Spirit,
which, through the instructions of my pastor,
and in the solemn rite of Confirmation, I
expect in larger measure to receive; since
by His blessed help alone I can be made
able to fulfil my vows by leading a holy and
obedient life.

Prosper me, Lord my God, in the learn-
ing of Thy holy will; graft in my heart the
love of Thy name; increase in me true
piety; nourish me with all goodness; and
of Thy great mercy keep me in union with
Thee, and in fellowship with all Thy saints,
through Jesus Christ our Lord, to whom,
with Thee and the Holy Ghost, be all honor
and glory, world without end. Amen.

O God, who, through Thy holy Apostle,
hast declared as unto me, that if I confess
with my mouth the Lord Jesus, and believe
in my heart that Thou hast raised Him from
the dead, I shall be saved: grant me grace,
I beseech Thee, at this time, with all my
heart to believe unto righteousness, and with
my mouth to make confession unto salvation:

I believe in God the Father, etc.

Lord, I believe; help Thou mine unbelief.
Increase, strengthen, and confirm my faith;
and let it bring forth in my heart and life
its true and blessed fruits to the praise of
Thy glorious grace.

Our Father, etc.

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