After the communion, at home.

O Lord, God Almighty, the Father of
Jesus Christ Thy blessed Son, who always
hearest those who call upon Thee in upright-
ness, and knowest the petitions even of those
that are silent: I render Thee thanks, that
Thou hast deemed me worthy to partake of
Thy holy mysteries for the full assurance of
faith, for the preservation of piety, and for
the remission of sins. O Thou who hast
separated me from the communion of the
wicked, unite me forever with those who are
consecrated unto Thee. Establish me in the
truth by the inspiration of Thy Holy Spirit.
Reveal what is unknown, supply what is
defective, and strengthen what is begun.

Keep our pastors blameless in Thy wor-
ship: preserve our land in peace, our rulers
in righteousness, and the world in Thy wise,
good, and all-powerful providence.

Dispose the nations to peace, convert them
from their errors, and sanctify Thine own
people, that they may offer unto Thee spirit-
ual sacrifices, holy, and acceptable to Thee.

Preserve and bless all Thy families. Those
that are in infancy nurture: the newly con-
firmed establish: the catechumens instruct,
and render them worthy of full initiation
into Thy Church; and grant, O Lord, to lead
us all into Thy heavenly kingdom, through
Jesus Christ our Lord, to whom, with Thee
and the Holy Ghost, be glory, and honor,
and dominion, and praise, world without
end. Amen.

O Lord, the true and only God: who art
everywhere present, and present in all
things: who art not made old by time: who
art not bounded by ages: who art not misled
by reason: who art not under the power of
nature, above destruction, and not subject to
change, dwelling in light that is inaccessi-
ble, and yet known to Thy people who be-
lieve in Jesus Christ: Being of great mercy,
hear me for Thy name’s sake. Bless those
who have partaken of the most comfortable
communion of Thy Body and Blood, and
satisfy them in all their holy desires and
petitions, and let no one become a castaway
from Thy grace and kingdom; but sanctify
them, keep watch over them, shelter them,
assist them, defend them from the devil, and
from every foe; guard their families, pre-
serve them in their going out and in their
coming in: for unto Thee, and to Thy Son
Jesus Christ, our Lord and King, and to the
Holy Ghost, belongs the power, and unto
Thee shall be given the praise, glory, ma-
jesty, reverence, and adoration, now and
evermore, world without end. Amen.

Glory be to the Father of mercies: the
Father of men and angels: the Father of
our Lord Jesus Christ.

Glory be to Thee, most holy and eternal
Son of God: the blessed Saviour and Re-
deemer of the world: the Advocate of sin-
ners: the Prince of peace: the Head of the
Church: and the Deliverer of all that call
upon Thee.

Glory be to Thee, the holy and eternal
Spirit of God, that searchest all things: the
Lord and Giver of life: the Comforter and
Sanctifier of the saints.

All glory and honor, all love and obe-
dience, be to Thee, undivided, holy, blessed,
and adorable Trinity: forever and ever.

It is meet and right to praise and to glo-
rify, to worship and adore, to bless and to
magnify Thee, Lord God Almighty, Father,
Son, and Holy Ghost: Maker of all creatures,
visible and invisible: Treasure of all good,
temporal and eternal: Fountain of all life,
mortal and immortal: the Lord of all things
in heaven and in earth.

The heavens, and the heaven of heavens,
and every power therein:

The earth and the sea, the heights above
and the depths below:

Jerusalem that is from above:

The joyful assembly and Church of the
first-born on high:

The spirits of the prophets, and of just
men made perfect:

The souls of apostles and of all holy mar-

The holy Church throughout all the world:

Angels and archangels, thrones and domi-
nions, principalities and powers, cherubim
and seraphim:

With never-ceasing hymns and perpetual
anthems, with united voice, continually do

Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God of Sabaoth,
heaven and earth are full of the majesty of
Thy glory. Hosanna in the highest! Blessed
is He that cometh in the name of the Lord.
Hosanna in the highest!

The heavens declare Thy glory: the earth
confesseth Thy providence: the sea manifests
Thy power; and every creature celebrates
Thy greatness forever and ever. Amen.


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