These prayers, or some of them, may he used
while others are still communing, or pri-
vately after having returned home.

O God, who of Thy deep and ineffable love
to man hast condescended to the weakness
of Thy servants, and made us partakers of
this heavenly table; condemn not us sinners
after the reception of Thy spotless Myste-
ries, but guard us, of Thy goodness, in the
sanctification of the Holy Spirit; that being
made holy, we may find our portion and in-
heritance with all the saints who have pleased
Thee from the beginning, in the light of Thy
countenance; through the mercies of Thine
Only-begotten Son, our Lord God and Sa-
viour, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Light of Light, and God of God, who
didst bow Thy holy heavens, and descend to
earth for the salvation of the world, out of
Thy love of man; extend Thine Almighty
right hand, and send out Thy blessings on
us all. Hallow our bodies and souls by this
Sacrament which we have received, and
guide our steps into the paths of righteous-
ness, that we may behave ourselves accord-
ing to Thy will, and observe Thy command-
ments and do them all the days of our life,
and come to a blessed end, and sing a cease-
less hymn with Thy saints to Thee, and Thy
Father, and Thy Holy Spirit. Amen.

O Lord, Almighty God, who through Thy
Spirit hast made us one body in the unity
of the faith, which body Thou hast com-
manded to give praise and thanks unto Thee
for Thy goodness and free grace in giving
Thine Only-begotten Son, our Lord Jesus
Christ, for our sins to suffer death; enable
us to live in such innocence as becomes Thy
body and Thy children, that so the unbe-
lieving may also learn to honor Thy name.
Preserve us, Lord, that no love of life may
weaken our love to Thee. Ever increase our
faith, even our trust in Thee, O Lord, who
livest and reignest forever and ever. Amen.

THOU hast given us, O Lord, sanctification
by the Communion of the most holy Body
and precious Blood of Thine only-begotten
Son; grant us also the grace and gift of Thy
Holy Spirit, and keep us unreproved in life,
and lead us on to perfect adoption and re-
demption, and eternal joys to come. Amen.

DELIVER us from evil, Lord Jesus Christ!
We eat Thy Body, which was crucified for
us, and we drink Thy Blood, which was shed
for us; may Thy holy Body prove our salva-
tion, and Thy Blood the forgiveness of our
sins, both now and forever. Amen.

O GOD, who art eternal salvation, and in-
estimable blessedness, grant, we beseech
Thee, to all Thy servants, that we who have
received things holy and blessed, may be
enabled to be holy and blessed evermore.

LOOK upon us, O Lord, who willest us both
to feed on Thy Body and to be united with
Thy Body; grant that what we have received
may avail for the remission of our sins;
and may the Divine sustenance, constituted
by Thy benediction, so unite itself to our
souls, that the flesh being subdued to the
spirit, may obey, and not rebel. Amen.

PRESERVE in us, O Lord, the gift of Thy
grace; that by the power and virtue of the
Holy Eucharist, which we have received, we
may be fortified against all evils of this life
and of the life to come. Amen.

I GIVE Thee thanks, O Lord, holy Father,
Almighty, everlasting God, who hast re-
freshed me with the most holy Body and
Blood of Thy Son Jesus Christ our Lord;
and I pray that this Sacrament of my salva-
tion, which I, unworthy sinner, have re-
ceived, may not turn to my judgment nor
condemnation, according to my deserts, but
to the profit of my body and soul, unto life
eternal. Amen.

Pour down upon us, O Lord, the Spirit of
Thy love, that Thou mayest preserve in the
same piety those whom Thou hast satisfied
with Thy heavenly Bread: through Jesus
Christ our Lord. Amen.

O MERCIFUL God, may the holy communion
of the Body and Blood of Thy Son cleanse
us from guilt, and prepare us to be partakers
at last of the joy of heaven: through Jesus
Christ our Lord. Amen.

Grant, O Lord, that what we have taken
with our mouth we may receive with our
soul; and let that which has been to us a
temporary gift, become to us an everlasting
remedy: through Jesus Christ our Lord.

I adore and worship, I thank and praise
Thee, most merciful Saviour, who hast vouch-
safed to admit me to Thy holy table, and to
feed me at the banquet of that most heavenly
food. Accept, dearest Lord, the act which I
have performed, and bless it, and pardon all
my imperfections and faults. Let this holy
Sacrament repair in me all decay of piety
and devotion, and supply the many and great
necessities of my soul. Let it mortify in me
whatever is displeasing to Thee, and promote
and cherish whatever is agreeable to Thy
sacred will. Let it render my spirit, my
soul, my body, conformable to the spirit,
soul, and body of Thy holy humanity; and
illuminate the darkness of my nature with
the light of Thy divinity. Let it establish
me in Thy love, by so strict and entire an
union with Thee, that I may be wholly
changed and transformed unto Thee, to the
glory and honor of Thy blessed name, for-
ever and ever. Amen.

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