When the minister comes to the altar, to pre-
pare for the communion, say:

Let all corruptible flesh be silent, and
stand with fear and trembling, and think
nothing that is earthly or unholy.

The King of kings, and Lord of lords,
comes down from heaven unto us, and gives
Himself to be meat for the souls of all His
faithful people.

The glorious company of angels behold
with wonder, O God, the love and conde-
scension of Thine adorable, true, and only

Thrones and dominions, the cherubim
and seraphim, cover their faces before the
majesty of His glory, and sing perpetually,
Hallelujah, Hallelujah!

Glory be to God on high; and on earth
peace; good-will to men. Amen.

When the minister uncovers the elements,

O blessed Jesus, in the bread broken I be-
hold, with the eye of faith, Thy Body torn
with whips, and thorns, and nails.

And in the wine poured out, I behold Thy
Blood shed for my sins.

Glory be to Thee, Lamb of God, that
takest away the sin of the world. Amen.

Before you approach the altar, say:

This is Thy Body, O blessed Saviour, and
this is Thy Blood.

Thine was the smart, but mine the ease;

Thine were the sufferings, but mine is the

Thine were the stripes, but mine is the

Thine were the thorns, but mine is the

Thine was the death, but mine is the

O complete Thy mercy in me!

Come Holy Jesus, come and take posses-
sion of my soul.

Purify me with Thy precious Body and

Cleanse me from all filthiness of flesh and
spirit; that being fitted for Thy habitation,
it may please Thee to abide with me for
ever. Amen.

When you have returned to your pew, say:

O give thanks unto the Lord; for He is
good; for His mercy endureth forever.

Praise, and honor, and worship be unto
Thee, who wast dead but art alive for ever-
more; for Thou hast redeemed me by Thy
blood, Lamb of God that takest away the
sin of the world.

From the fulness of my heart I bless
Thee now, and will give Thee higher praise
when with purer lips I shall worship Thee
in heaven.

Thou hast heard my vows, which I have
now renewed at Thine altar; help me faith-
fully to keep them. Give me grace to believe
as Thou didst believe; to walk as Thou hast
given me an example; to endure as Thou
didst endure; and to love as Thou hast loved

Thou didst ascend in triumph, King of
glory; but, according to Thy promise. Thou
art with Thy Church always, even to the
end of the world. To me also Thou hast
been near in this holy hour, Thou whom
having not seen I love, and in whom, though
now I see Thee not, I believe and rejoice
with joy unspeakable and full of glory.
With what nobler joy shall I be glad in
Thee, when I shall see Thee face to face,
and know even as I am known!

Behold, now am I saved in hope; and I
look for the glorious appearing of the great
God, even our Saviour Jesus Christ. Until
Thou come, I show forth Thy death. Thou
wilt appear for the full salvation of all who
hope in Thee. In due time let it break in
upon us, that glorious day when Thou, who
art our life, shalt appear, and when we,
whose lives are hid with Thee in God, shall
appear with Thee in glory.

Then, O Lord Jesus, shall we drink new
with Thee of the fruit of the vine, in Thy
Father’s kingdom; and join with angels and
saints, in ascribing blessing, and honor, and
glory, and power, unto Him who creates,
unto Him who redeems, and unto Him who
sanctifies, the holy, blessed, and glorious
Trinity, ever one God, world without end.

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