O Heavenly Father, who in Thy wisdom
knowest what is best for me, if it seem good
in Thy sight, speedily arrest this sickness
and remove it from me, so that I may em-
ploy my health to Thy glory, and praise Thy
name. But if Thou art pleased that it shall
greatly increase, I willingly submit to Thy
afflicting hand; for Thou art wont to chas-
tise those whom Thou dost love; and I am
sure Thou wilt lay no more on me than
Thou wilt enable me to bear.

I know, O my God, that Thou sendest this
sickness on me for my good, even to humble
and to prove me. O, grant it may work that
saving effect in me.

Lord, create in me a true penitent sorrow
for all my sins past, a steadfast faith in
Thee, and sincere resolutions of amendment
for the time to come.

Deliver me from all forwardness and im-
patience, and give me an entire resignation
to Thy divine will. O, suffer not the disease
to disturb or take away my senses; and do
Thou continually supply me with devout
and holy thoughts.

Bless, O Lord, all the means that are used
for my recovery, and restore me to health;
but if otherwise Thou hast appointed, Thy
blessed will be done.

O, wean my affections from all things be-
low, and fill me with ardent desires after
heaven. Lord, fit me for Thyself; and at
Thine own good time bring me to joys un-
speakable and full of glory. Grant this, for
the sake of Thy only Son Jesus, my Saviour.


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