Make it a rule to be at church in good time,
that your entering late may not disturb the
devotion of others, and also that you may
have time for private worship. Pass softly
and reverently to your pew, and engage in
private devotions, using as many of the
following prayers as time will allow.

The Lord is in His holy temple; let all the earth keep
silence before Him!

Holiness becometh Thy house, Lord, for ever.

As the hart panteth after the water brooks, so panteth
my soul after Thee, O God. My soul thirsteth for God, for
the living God. — Ps. xlii. 1, 2.

Holy and Merciful God, Father of our
Lord Jesus Christ, we have assembled in
Thy holy presence on this sacred day of rest,
that we may be instructed from Thy divine
Word for the salvation of our souls. Dwell
Thou, therefore, according to Thy promise,
among us during our service. Bless our
singing and praying. Bestow upon Thy
servant courage and wisdom, with all free-
dom and godly simplicity to declare Thy
word. Fix our minds upon the one thing
needful, and banish far from us all disturb-
ing thoughts, that we may be exercised in
the spirit of true devotion. Work in us
mightily by Thy Holy Spirit, that our un-
derstandings may be enlightened, our wills
sanctified, and all our desires directed toward
Thee. Open our hearts that Thy word may
enter and take root, and bring forth much
fruit unto eternal life. Hear us, O Lord, for
Jesus’ sake, to whom, with Thee and the
Holy Ghost, be all honor, and praise, and
glory, world without end. Amen.

O LIFE-GIVING Master, and Bestower of
good things, who hast given unto men the
Blessed Hope of everlasting life, our Lord
Jesus Christ; grant us to perform this divine
service unto Thee in holiness, that we may
enjoy the blessedness to come; and being
evermore guarded by Thy power, and guided
into the light of truth, may continually ren-
der unto Thee all glory and thanksgiving.

Holy, Most High, Awful, who dwellest in
the holy place, make us holy, and bring us
near to Thee, and cleanse us from all defile-
ment, that we may perform the worship of
our fathers in Thy fear; for Thou art He
that blesses and hallows all things. Amen.

O BENIGNANT King of ages, and Master of
all creation, receive Thy Church approach-
ing Thee through Christ; fulfil for each of
us what is good for him; bring us all to
perfection, and make us meet for the grace
of Thy sanctification, uniting us together in
Thy holy Church, which Thou hast purchased
with the precious blood of Thine only-be-
gotten Son, our Lord and Saviour Jesus
Christ; with whom, and with Thine all-
holy, good, and life-giving Spirit, Thou art
blessed and glorified forever. Amen.

Regard, O Lord, the prayers of Thy
family, and grant Thine aid to our humble
supplications; that, by means of the assist-
ance which we require, we may persevere in
the confession of Thy Name; through Jesus
Christ our Lord. Amen.

We beseech Thee, Lord, open Thy heavens,
and open our eyes; from thence may Thy
gifts descend to us; from hence may our
hearts look back to Thee. May Thy throne
be laid open to us, while we receive the
benefits which we implore; may our mind
be laid open to Thee, while we render Thee
service which is enjoined on us. Look down
from Thy heaven, O Lord, behold and visit
this vine which Thy right hand hath planted.
Strengthen the weak, relieve the contrite,
confirm the strong. Build us up in love,
cleanse us with purity, enlighten us with
wisdom, keep us with mercy. Lord Jesus,
good Shepherd, who didst lay down Thy life
for the sheep, defend the purchase of Thy
Blood. Feed the hungry, give drink to the
thirsty, seek for the lost, convert the wan-
dering, bind up that which is broken. Put
forth Thine own hand from heaven, and
touch the head and heart of each one here.
May we feel the touch of Thy hand, and
receive the joy of the Holy Spirit, that we
may remain blessed for evermore. Amen.

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