Russia Attacks Israel

by glen | March 15, 1994 5:00 am

Russia Attacks Israel


The time is rapidly approaching when Russia will attack Israel, fulfilling the prophecies of Ezekiel in chapters 38 and 39. The players are nearly all present.

All we are waiting for is the Antichrist. The time for the prophecy has nearly arrived. I believe that all we are waiting for now is the transition of the European Community into the revived ten nation Roman empire, the arrival of the Antichrist, and finally, God’s command to go forward.

I think that Ezekiel’s prophecy against Russia is the only time the Bible mentions a modern nation. One that did not exist at the time Ezekiel wrote down the words of God. I wonder how liberal theologians will try to “late date” Ezekiel (as they are trying to do to Daniel) in view of the fact that this prophecy has been in continuous print before Israel became a nation once again or, for that matter, before Russia was a nation!

As for the why Russia should be singled out of all nations for this terrible judgement, I believe the reason is obvious. Soviet Russia is the first nation in the history of the world that was created as a nation with the basic philosophy of atheism. Other nations were punished by God for worshiping false Gods, but here I believe God said “I am against thee” because of their atheistic philosophy and for their unrelenting persecution of the Jews and to a lesser scale of the Christians. Joe Stalin once said, “We have deposed the czars of the earth, and we shall now dethrone the Lord.

The first being the obvious in that God will judge Russia for her transgressions against His people. Second, I believe this to be a message to the individual against atheism, and against antisemitism. Both of these are on the rise in these modern times. Even here in the United States, crimes against Jews are on the increase and have been since about the 1970’s. Some of you may now be thinking “Is there really proof to any of this?”, so let me quote Ezekiel. EZEKIEL 38-39:

Here is another message to me from the Lord: Son of dust, face northward toward the land of Magog, and prophecy against Gog king of Meshech and Tubal. (Ezek. 38:1-4)

Gog is a word for ruler, meaning roof, which actually means “the man on top.” I think that clearly indicates a dictator. Magog, the land, means Rosh in Hebrew. Herodotus, the fifth century B.C. Greek philosopher, mentioned Meshech and Tubal. He links them with the Samaritans and the Muschovites who lived at that time in the ancient province of Pontus in northern Asia Minor. Josephus, a Jewish historian of the first century, says that the people of his day known as the Moschevi and Thobelites were founded by Meshech and Tubal. He also said that these people lived in the northern regions above the Caucasus mountains. Finally, if you look at a mushroom.

Tell him that the Lord God says: I am against you, Gog. I will put hooks into your jaws and pull you to your doom. I will mobilize your troops and armored cavalry, and make you a mighty host, all fully armed. (Ezek 38:4)

I believe the hooks refer to irresistible temptations for the Russians to invade Israel. Although God may have different reasons in mind, I believe the Russians want to invade Israel for three good reasons. The first being Russia is still looking for a warm water port. This has been a foreign policy goal of the Russians all the way back to the czars. At the present time their navy is severely hamstrung by weather to the north, and by geography to the south.

Their only access to the Mediterranean at the present present time is through the Bosporus straights between Greece and Turkey. This straight can be totally blocked by the sinking of a few ships in the narrow channel. You can be sure that is exactly what NATO has in mind now in case of hostilities and what the revived Roman Empire will also plan on doing.

Warm water ports along the coast of Israel must be an awful temptation to the Russian leaders. With military bases in Israel, Russia would also have access to another temptation. The oil in the Middle East. They, just like us are running out of oil. The Russians have been fueling European satellite countries. CIA reports have them running low on oil by the 1990’s. Another “hook” to them would have to be the riches of the Dead Sea. The mineral deposits in that sea are just enormous. It is estimated that the Dead Sea contains two billion tons of potash, a much needed fertilizer.

In addition to this, the Dead Sea contains huge quantities of other chemicals and minerals worth untold sums of money.

Peras, Cush, and Put shall join you too with all their weaponry, and so shall Gomer and all his hordes and the armies and the armies of Toharmah from the distant north, as well as many others. Be prepared! Stay mobilized. You are their leader, Gog! (Ezek 38:5-7)

Russia will not be alone in this invasion. From the list of allies given in the Bible, it would seem that Israel will have trouble providing space for all the invaders. Who are all these people?

Peras is Persia and all authorities agree that can only be Iran. Here again we have prophecy coming alive right in front of our eyes. Just a few years ago Iran under the Shah was a staunch ally of the US and a friend to the Israelis. This as all changed now that Iran has returned to fundamentalist Muslim beliefs. They are now the mortal enemy of Israel and will before

Cush is Hebrew for Ethiopia. They too, were once friends of Israel. Now, the country has turned communist and is being armed by the Russians. Put translates into Libya. I think it should surprise no one that Libya will join in on the attack against Israel. They too are armed by the Russians. I think it ominous that they are now trying to build a huge chemical weapons plant.

Gomer is easy to identify. The modern Jews call Germany by the Hebrew name of Gomer. I believe that this will be East Germany and the rest of the Warsaw pact countries.

Togarmah and all his hordes further identifies Russia because Togarmah represents southern Russia, the Cossacks and Armenia.

Along with these, Ezekiel goes on to say “as well as many others”, these others are not specified and we can only speculate.

A long time from now you will be called to action. In distant years you will swoop down unto the land of Israel, that will be lying in peace after the return of its people from many lands. You and all your allies, a vast and awesome army – will roll down upon them like a storm and come to your mind. You will have said, ‘Israel is an unprotected land of unwalled villages! I will march against her and destroy these people living in such confidence! I will go to those once-desolate cities that are now filled with people again – those who have returned from all the nations – and I will capture vast amounts of loot and many slaves. For the people are rich with cattle now, and the whole earth revolves around them!
(Ezek 38:8-12)

Look at how much pain God takes to identify modern Israel! The words “distant years” can also be translated to “end times”. This eliminates ancient Israel and can only mean the present state. The Jews will be at peace. This has yet to happen. Since Israel was formed a state in 1948, they have known no peace. I believe that the peace mentioned here refers to the peace treaty the Jews will sign with the Antichrist. You can read more about this in chapter 9 of Daniel. Once – desolate cities is another clue as to the time and country. Mark Twain once said concerning the land of Israel, “Palestine sits in sackcloth and ashes, desolate and unlovely. It is a hopeless, dreary, heartbroken land.”

The last clue, “those who have returned from all the nations”, points directly to modern Israel. Jews have and are returning from all over the it to productivity. What was once a desert, is now fertile land.

God is once again blessing the nation of Israel and will increase His blessings upon the land even more as time goes on.

Now, moving on to chapter 39 we are told what the result of that invasion will be.

I will turn you and drive you toward the mountains of Israel, bringing you from the distant north. And I will destroy 85 percent of your army in the mountains. I will knock your weapons from your hands and leave you helpless. You and all your vast armies will die upon the mountains. I will give you to the vultures and wild animals to devour you. You will never reach the cities – you will fall upon the open fields; for I have spoken, the Lord God says. And I will rain down fire on Magog and all your allies who live safely on the coasts, and they shall know I am the Lord.
(Ezek. 39:2-6)

This part of Scripture bodes ill for all mankind I believe. Ezekiel already gave us all the allies of Russia, and here God will “rain down fire on Magog and all” the allies! All the afore mentioned allies will be destroyed message in this.

God destroyed Sodom and Gorrah the same way. However, before doing so, He took Lot out of the city. I believe the same will apply here. Friends, I do not believe that God will let the Tribulation begin before the Lord removes His Church by way of the rapture. By Church I don’t mean any one particular denomination, I mean those people that are bornagain believers.

I find it impossible to believe that God would have His redeemed ones go through the Tribulation. The Bible clearly has 144,000 Jews designated to witness to earth’s population during this period. Those of you that do not know what it means to be a Christian or have doubt as to if you are saved or not, please study the following:

To receive salvation, “tell others with your own mouth that Jesus Christ is your Lord, and believe in your own heart that God has raised him from the dead.” Then, “You will be saved. For it is by believing in his heart that a man becomes right with God; and with his mouth he tells others of his faith, confirming his salvation.” (Romans 10:9-10)

Trust in your Lord Jesus for deliverance.

Joe Grossinger
The Prophecy Board


At the time I wrote this article the world situation seemed fairly clear to me. The line-up of nations was perfect for this article. Now, (Apr 90) the situation “appears” to have changed. The Warsaw pact seems dead, the cold war over, and it also appears that Germany will unite. All of these changes may make some of what I wrote inaccurate.

However, since the Bible gives the line-up of Nations and since these are pretty easy to identify, you can be sure that is what will happen. Perhaps there will only be one Germany, in which case the entire German nation will be in on the invasion. This should be an interesting situation to keep an eye on. I left the article as-is because I want to point out that human prophecy is always fallible, but God’s prophecy will always prove to be 100% accurate.

Joe Grossinger

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