O Lord God, our Heavenly Father, by
whose gracious protection I have been car-
ried through another day and another week
of my life, unto Thee do I render my humble
and hearty thanks.

Give me, I beseech Thee, a due sense of
the manifold favors Thou hast bestowed upon
me ever since my birth; and more especially
teach me to value, as I ought to do. Thy
great mercy in Christ Jesus our Lord,
through whom alone I enjoy the means of
grace, and the hope of glory.

I confess, O Lord, that I have not served
Thee according to the measure of my know-
ledge and ability. I have again and again
broken Thy laws and commandments; I
have too much neglected the warnings Thou
hast given; I have resisted the quiet influ-
ences of Thy Holy Spirit, and have just
cause to fear Thy righteous judgments. I
acknowledge my unworthiness. O merciful
Father, accept my penitence, and cause it to
be more sincere and heartfelt, and give me
the comforting assurance of pardon. By
Thy manifold and great mercies; by the all-
sufficient merits of Thy blessed Son, Jesus
Christ; by His agony and bloody sweat; by
His bitter cross and passion; by His glorious
resurrection and ascension; by His continual
intercession for me at Thy right hand; and
by the graces and comforts of the Holy
Ghost, good Lord, deliver me.

In all the changes and trials of this mor-
tal life; in the day of prosperity and in the
day of adversity; in the hour of death and
in the day of judgment, good Lord, deliver

I beseech Thee, O Lord, to extend Thy
mercy to the whole race of mankind. Have
pity upon the nations that know Thee not,
and have never heard of Thy name; cause
the light of Thy glorious gospel to shine
among them, and visit them with Thy salva-

Look with pity and compassion, O Lord,
upon all in affliction and temptation; upon
the poor, the sick, and the dying; strengthen
and support them, and give them in Thine
own good time a happy deliverance, for the
sake of the sufferings of Jesus Christ our

Be merciful and gracious, O God, to my
relations, friends, and acquaintances, and to
all that desire or need my prayers. Forgive
my enemies; reward my benefactors; and
grant that I, and all Thy people everywhere,
may serve Thee with full purpose of heart,
and be made partakers at last of eternal
happiness in Thy presence in heaven.

As Thou hast preserved me while waking,
so do Thou, Lord, defend me while sleep-
ing. Grant me such rest of body that I may
have a waking soul, to watch for the time
when my Lord shall appear to deliver me
from this mortal life. Let no vain or wan-
dering fancy trouble me; let my spiritual
enemies have no power over me; but grant
that my mind may be set wholly upon Thy
presence, and made to rest with holy love
and fear in Thee alone: that being refreshed
with a moderate and sober sleep, I may rise
again with cheerful strength and gladness
of heart to serve Thee in all good works,
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

As prisoners notch their tally-stick,
And wait the far-off day,
So marks she days, and months, and years,
To ponder and to pray;
And year by year, beginning new
Her faithful task sublime,
How lovingly she meteth out
Each portion in its time.


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