Scientific evidence of world history, and the Bible

The Bible tells the story of mankind’s creation, fall into sin, and salvation by
God thru Jesus. This is humanity’s story. It’s not a story about the creation
of non-worldly creatures, other worlds, or even the complete history of the
earth we live on. The story told is centered on us, with circumstantial
information provided in that context.

Scientific evidence of the age of the earth vs the Biblical creation event
– Physical evidence points to the age of the earth and multiple
instances of life on it, over time. A variation of creatures are
noted over time – called “periods”.

– The “gap” theory suggests a break in time between Genesis 1:1 and
1:2. The time-markers are “In the beginning” for verse 1, and “Now” for
verse 2. At the “Now” moment, God begins a creation event. The Bible
does not say it’s God’s first creation event, nor the last – it simply
goes on to tell the story of THIS creation. This “period”.

Scientific evidence of dinosaurs, ancient hominids, and other prehistoric plants
and creatures
* vs *
Biblical references to other creatures: angels, demons, creatures around the
throne of God

– The New International Version translation of the Bible has 290
references to angels, and 82 references to demons. Ezekiel 1:5 mentions
four living creatures that are not human. They are mentioned again in
Revelation 4:6.

– It’s clear that God has made other creatures which were not mentioned
as part of the 6-day creation event starting in Genesis 1:2. So since he
has created at least twice, it’s likely he has created at many “periods”
over time. What he has made in our own creation is diverse and
wonderful – and each creation event may vary in expression. His talents
far exceed ours.

– Isaiah 65:17, 2 Peter 3:13, and Revelation 21:1 mention “a new heaven
and a new earth” that God will someday make – once again indicating that
God is not done creating. This will be another “period”.

The parables of the virgins & lamps, sheep & goats, wedding feast, and servants
hired to work the fields

– These parables seem to be reminding us to:

1. Always be prepared for his return – don’t be caught NOT being
a light in the world

2. Have a relationship with God – know his love, and return it.

3. Hear his voice – his invitation – and follow him.

4. Come to God even though it may seem too late (in life, in
time remaining), and don’t be jealous of those who come to him at
the very last moment, and seem to do little work for him.


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